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OAK-8301: Ensure travis-ci uses trusty image
OAK-8277: Run tests on travis-ci.org on MongoDB 4.0.x

Update to MongoDB 4.0.9

OAK-6087: Avoid reads from MongoDB primary

Automatically use client sessions when running on MongoDB 3.6, otherwise fall back to the previous behaviour.

The feature can be disabled with a system property: -Doak.mongo.clientSession=false

Travis runs an additional build for oak-store-document on a MongoDB replica-set and a readPreference of secondaryPreferred

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OAK-7435: Run travis build on MongoDB 3.6

Remove mongodb service

OAK-7435: Run travis build on MongoDB 3.6
OAK-7143: Run oak-jcr tests and ITs in parallel on travis-ci
OAK-7061: Run tests on travis-ci on MongoDB 3.4
OAK-6665: Move DocumentNodeStore into its own bundle

Build and run tests for oak-store-document instead of oak-core

OAK-6655: Update travis build configuration

Use default MongoDB and Oracle JDK 8 version

Remove the Travis notification webhook

This hasn't been working since early 2016. If someone is interested

in resurrecting this functionality, INFRA-11080 looks like a good

starting point.

OAK-6119: Build error on travis with Java 8

Use oracle-java8-installer for most recent Oracle 8 JDK

OAK-5664: Require Java 8

Switch travis build to Java 8

OAK-5633: Builds on travis-ci time out

Disable baseline check and snapshot updates

OAK-5633: Builds on travis-ci time out

Configure a matrix build and allow module builds run in parallel

OAK-5081: Travis builds fail with broken cache

Revert previous change again

OAK-5081: Travis builds fail with broken cache

Remove broken derby jar file

OAK-5012: SegmentDataStoreBlobGCIT times out on travis-ci
OAK-2629: Cleanup Oak Travis jobs

Use container based infrastructure

Also build oak-lucene, which has MongoDB based tests
Only build up to oak-jcr module to reduce the time to build
OAK-2629: Cleanup Oak Travis jobs

Remove pedantic profile as it disables unit tests

OAK-2696: Maven build on travis too verbose
OAK-2629: Cleanup Oak Travis jobs

Revert previous commit. oak-run depends on oak-tarmk-standby

OAK-2629: Cleanup Oak Travis jobs

Exclude long running oak-tarmk-standby module, which is unrelated to MongoMK

OAK-2629: Cleanup Oak Travis jobs

Removed all jobs except the one with DOCUMENT_NS fixture

OAK-2645: Remove DOCUMENT_MK fixture (and related)

Removed said fixtures

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OAK-2476 - changing ns-fixturex variable to nsfixture to make Groovy happy (and me sad)
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OAK-1941 - rename RDB fixture for consistency
OAK-1855 - Travis builds time out

Split of the build in multiple profiles and adding of the FixtureHelper.

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OAK-1822: NodeDocument _modified may go back in time

Use MongoDB 2.6.1 on travis and re-apply fix

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