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OAK-8745: document the Oak roadmap - add warning about upcoming EOL for 1.4
OAK-7161: LengthCachingDataStore's use of LineIterator.close() (merged r1821237 into 1.4)
OAK-4652 - indexName logged in QueryImpl is wrong in case of multiple indexes satisfying the query (merged r1755295 into 1.4)
OAK-4142 - allow skip UT in pedantic profile (merged r1736205 into 1.4)
OAK-4595 - OSGiIT failure LuceneIndexProviderService exception (merged r1754015 into 1.4)
OAK-7823: examples: use project-wide logback version 1.2.3 instead of 1.1.7 (merged r1843618 into 1.4)
OAK-7272: improve BackgroundLeaseUpdate warning messages (merged r1825065 into 1.4)
OAK-8016: RDBDocumentStore: minor improvements to GZIP compression of BLOB contents (merged r1852601 into 1.4)
OAK-8376: update commons-codec dependency to 1.12 (merged r1860548 into 1.4)
OAK-7160: Update commons-codec dependency (merged r1829534 into 1.4)
OAK-7579: remove obsolete findbugs reference from reactor pom (merge r1834117 into 1.4)
OAK-7583: oak-examples/webapp: update jetty-maven-plugin dependency (merged r1834291 into 1.4)
OAK-7581: oak-examples: remove special case for failsafe plugin (merge r1834287 into 1.4)
OAK-7886: Re-registering node type may corrupt registry (merged r1846162 into 1.4)
OAK-8735: Jackrabbit Javadoc link should be consistent with used jackrabbit.version and use https (merged r1869245 into 1.4)
OAK-7833: oak-examples/webapp: update groovy dependency (merged r1843905 into 1.4)
OAK-7653: upgrade to Jacoco version compatible with Java 11 (0.8.2) (merged r1839570 into 1.4)
OAK-7675: oak-pojosr: replace mockito-all by mockito-core (merged r1837296 into 1.4)
OAK-5215 remove use of deprecated guava methods (merged r1772672 into 1.4)
OAK-8310: Potentially misleading conflict exception message (merged r1859020 into 1.4)
OAK-8464: Update javadoc-plugin to 3.1.1 and restore JCR API linking (merged r1862728 into 1.4)
OAK-8223 - javadoc-plugin fails with java11 (merged r1857332 into 1.4)
OAK-7482: update maven-javadoc-plugin to 3.0.0 (merged r1831157 into 1.4)
OAK-8052: PersistentCache: failure during construction may lead to resource leak (merged r1854034 into 1.4)
OAK-6300: CacheConsistencyTestBase: potential NPE in teardown (merged r1797378 into 1.4)
OAK-8348: Update surefire/failsafe dependencies to 2.22.2 (merged r1860120 into 1.4)
OAK-7913: Update failsafe and surefire versions to 2.22.1 (merged r1847096 into 1.4)
OAK-7556: Update failsafe and surefire plugin versions to 2.22.0 (merged r1833833 into 1.4)
OAK-7848: update maven-bundle-plugin to 3.5.1 (merged r1844110 into 1.4)
OAK-7230: Upgrade surefire and failsafe plugins to 2.21.0 (merged r1826216 into 1.4)