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JCRVLT-368 throw proper exception in case invalid filter pattern is


some javadoc cleanup

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disable DTD loading
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fix svn:eol-style
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trivial: fix javadoc errors
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JCRVLT-60 The "--filter <file>" parameter does not seem to work
JCRVLT-55 vlt st should notify the user executed in a directory not under vault control
JCRVLT-48 BinMetaDir causes test failures in windows
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JCRVLT-27 "vlt rcp" requires credentials as URL parameters

- use credentials store also for 'rcp' URIs. this will automatically prompt for passwords in the CLI use case

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JCRVLT-26 File vault stores passwords in clear text in ~/.vault/auth.xml

- adding new option --update-credentials

- adding prompt for password if missing in --credentials

- avoid storing credentials if not explicitely indicated (except admin:admin)

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JCR-3644 vlt: NPE when checkout is executed outside jcr_root

JCR-3615 Move source code to final place

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