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JCRVLT-430 fix potential NPE in PackageTypeValidator
JCRVLT-423 make test pass on Windows as well
JCRVLT-423 improve tests
JCRVLT-421 ignore order nodes in docview xml for filter validation
JCRVLT-422 correctly decode node names in docview xml
JCRVLT-415 always pass correct NodeContext

do not swallow exceptions

JCRVLT-415 make AdvancedFilterValidator able to deal with empty folders
JCRVLT-401 allow Content and Container sub packages within Containers
JCRVLT-415 fix false-positive for jackrabbit-emptyelements validator

Allow to validate folders as well

Improve SPI to always pass filePath and basePath

improve PackageTypeValidator to accept also parent folders of OSGi

bundles/configs and subpackages for container packages

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JCRVLT-415 jackrabbit-emptyelement must be more lenient in case a folder

is provided with an empty element

Allow validation of simple folders as well

JCRVLT-409 better error message in case filename prefix is not a proper

XML namespace

JCRVLT-409 correctly deal with the root node itself
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explicitly set version for newly exported package
JCRVLT-410 correctly detect sling:OsgiConfig configurations
JCRVLT-411 optionally allow complex filter rules in application packages
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trivial: fix message
JCRVLT-410 detect OSGi configurations of primaryType "sling:OsgiConfig"


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JCRVLT-409 emit node names in expanded form
trivial: clarify namespacing in DocumentViewXmlValidators and provide

some util methods

trivial: add another constructor for ValidatorSettingsImpl for arbitrary

number of options

trivial: prevent potential NPEs in test
trivial: only log covered node once
trivial: add some more null annotations
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JCRVLT-406 improve logging for runtime exceptions in validators
trivial: only warn for unused validator settings if context is not for

sub package

JCRVLT-400 add '/etc/packages' to known roots
JCRVLT-402 clarify error message for empty nodes
trivial: refactor ValidationContext to no longer implement PackageInfo

the same information is available via the method getProperties()

JCRVLT-365 switch to Jetbrains null annotations
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JCRVLT-345 call nested validators also in sub packages