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JCRVLT-336 FSPackageRegistry should allow forced application scoping of PackageInstallations (closes #43)
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JCRVLT-334 Regression of JCRVLT-271: Property names mixed case problem
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JCRVLT-332 - fixing osgi reference (dynamic reference policy & volati… (closes #42)
JCRVLT-332 - adding support to JcrPackageRegistry to resolve dependencies from FsPackReg (closes #41)
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JCRVLT-329 - fixing handling of absolute homePaths
JCRVLT-322 FSPackageRegistry bug in checking filepath for already existing package (closes #39)
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JCRVLT-319 Allow building of stacked ExecutionPlans (closes 36)
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JCRVLT-141 Log all activity to debug so that an activity log can be created (Closes #37, Closes #38)
fix package version
JCRVLT-318 adjusting activate to support absolute folder configuratio… (Closes #35)
JCRVLT-317 Aggregate not recognized as XML if root element name followed by a newline
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JCRVLT-310 FSRegistry: store package properties in metainfo (closes #34)
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JCRVLT-313 Avoid opening VaultPackage to get RegisteredPackage in FSRegistry
fixing javadoc
JCRVLT-309 Create helper filter that allows to limit the installation paths
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JCRVLT-180 implement filesystem based persistence layer
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JCRVLT-303 Register namespace under a unique prefix in case of clash
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JCRVLT-305 DefaultWorkspaceFilter.add(nodeFilters) does not include properties
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JCRVLT-289 InstallHooks: Propagate exceptions also for phase INSTALL (closes #26)
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JCRVLT-292 Order of ACLs are altered on installation of content packages
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JCRVLT-301 Do not always skip installation of sub packages (closes #27)
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JCRVLT-271 Support a CLI command to format vault xml files

(closes #24)

    • ?
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fixing javadoc
JCRVLT-266 DocViewSaxFormatter does not always emit namespace declaration for "jcr"

this closes #22

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adding nullable annotations
trivial: remove some warnings
JCRVLT-265 JcrPackageDefinition.getDependencies() might return an array with a null element
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JCRVLT-258 Default compression level incorrectly set to NO_COMPRESSION
JCRVLT-257 ZipException: invalid code lengths set (closes #20)
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JCRVLT-247 Java 9 Support
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