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JCRVLT-417 preferably use parent's default node type for intermediate


This closes #73

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JCRVLT-415 make sure that importer always sets correct primary type for


This closes #72

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JCRVLT-391 fix restored backwards-compatibility in a way that let the

tests pass

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Revert "move AbstractArtifact to exported package"

This reverts commit bce7d7afd10c2fe17f5fd1d169270789b1ec6d35.

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JCRVLT-390 don't clear excluded properties

This closes #70

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move AbstractArtifact to exported package

Otherwise exported classes like DirectoryArtifact expose non-exported

classes (via inheritance)

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JCRVLT-365 switch to Jetbrains null annotations
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JCRVLT-391 replace forked Xerces classes by StAX

Maximum line length is no longer available, apart from that the format

is the same as before.

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JCRVLT-287 throw RepositoryException in case of ACL Importer failures
JCRVLT-359 Provide separate option to control handling of rep:cugPolicy nodes (closes #56)
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JCRVLT-349 clarify and consolidate closing behaviour for input/output

stream being passed to methods

The only remaining method which still closes a passed stream (given as

method argument) is PackageManager.assemble(...) and


Use try with resources.

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JCRVLT-340 : Adjust JackrabbitACLImporter to handle extensions provided by OAK-8190
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JCRVLT-317 Aggregate not recognized as XML if root element name followed by a newline
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JCRVLT-303 Register namespace under a unique prefix in case of clash
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JCRVLT-292 Order of ACLs are altered on installation of content packages
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JCRVLT-271 Support a CLI command to format vault xml files

(closes #24)

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JCRVLT-266 DocViewSaxFormatter does not always emit namespace declaration for "jcr"

this closes #22

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JCRVLT-257 ZipException: invalid code lengths set (closes #20)
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JCRVLT-198 Creating a package with specific path fails to import
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JCRVLT-177 jcr:content and its children not overwritten during installation of Simple File Aggregate
@trivial: fix formatting
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JCRVLT-163 - Avoid compressing incompressible binaries

Allowing to define compression levels (JCRVLT-164) is covered.

The compression level can optionally be set via the ExportOptions.

The default compression level is backward compatible (DEFAULT_COMPRESSION).

The binary optimization (JCRVLT-163) is enabled depending on the compression level.


the binary optimization, the remaining levels do.

The min length threshold to run the auto-detection binary optimization is defined

such that in the worst case (data is compressible) the cost required to run the

auto-detection is no bigger than 3% of the cost to compress the same data.

The parameters in place should be tweaked.

(this closes #10)

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fix svn:eol-style
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JCRVLT-157 Package import does not handle "Atomic Counter"
JCRVLT-157 Package import does not handle "Atomic Counter"
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JCRVLT-152 Reduce verbosity of package installation
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JCRVLT-147 Vault serialization doesn't handle xmltext and xmlcharacter correctly
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JCRVLT-137 Importing packages with users that contain a rep:cache node fails
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trivial: fix javadoc errors
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JCRVLT-133 Avoid node.refresh()
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