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JCRVLT-354 do not call NodePathValidator for empty node elements
JCRVLT-371 allow optional dependencies locations property
JCRVLT-386 ignore marker files in rat check
JCRVLT-386 allow to retrieve package properties from exploded package


JCRVLT-368 throw proper exception in case invalid filter pattern is


some javadoc cleanup

Merge branch 'feature/JCRVLT-382_correctly-reset-source' into trunk
trivial: fix javadoc
JCRVLT-345 improve javadoc
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JCRVLT-345 dedicated option for uncovered filter root ancestors

make all option constants public

tweak some javadoc

trivial: fix typos and links
also ignore .mvn folders
JCRVLT-345 move validation module to proper package


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trivial: some tweaks on the documentation
JCRVLT-345 remove accidentally committed maven settings
JCRVLT-345 add separate module for validation
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JCRVLT-376: test cases leak 'vaulttest*zip' temp files (continued)
JCRVLT-376: test cases leak 'vaulttest*zip' temp files (continued)
JCRVLT-376: test cases leak 'vaulttest*zip' temp files
JCRVLT-369 - Include package name in error message when dependencies are not satisfied

trivial: fixed typo
fix introduction of release notes and version number in headline
trivial: improve javadoc for covers and contains
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-filevault-3.4.0
remove prerequisite which is only necessary for a buggy version of


use latest asf parent

submodules should get the same version

upgrade some plugins to latest version

prepare release notes 3.4.0
JCRVLT-367 remove java version parsing from scripts as only relevant for

Java < 8

clarified documentation
JCRVLT-366 Allow loading DefaultWorkspaceFilter and AbstractConfig from

DOM Element