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releng: m-project-info-reports-p
JCRVLT-436 improve usage of bnd-resolver-maven-plugin
JCRVLT-424 use Oak 1.26.0 to make compatible with Java 14

This closes #81

JCRVLT-436 adjust import-package version ranges to make compatible with

AEM 6.3

check compatibility with bnd-resolver-maven-plugin

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releng: update to fluido skin 1.9
JCRVLT-429 fix ratignore
Merge branch 'feature/JCRVLT-429-bnd-maven-plugin' into trunk
JCRVLT-301 clarify javadoc
JCRVLT-430 fix potential NPE in PackageTypeValidator
releng: do not yet build with Java 14 due to

JCRVLT-423 make test pass on Windows as well
releng: build with Java14
clarify that nodetypes are always also picked up from


JCRVLT-423 improve tests
JCRVLT-421 ignore order nodes in docview xml for filter validation
JCRVLT-422 correctly decode node names in docview xml
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jackrabbit-filevault-3.4.4
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-filevault-3.4.4
trivial: activate oddeven-policy
trivial: add m-r-oddeven-policy plugin
Update release notes for 3.4.4
JCRVLT-414 get rid of unwanted import for com.sun.xml.txw2
JCRVLT-415 always pass correct NodeContext

do not swallow exceptions

JCRVLT-415 make AdvancedFilterValidator able to deal with empty folders
trivial: upgrade to newest site plugin
JCRVLT-417 document new ancestor node handling
JCRVLT-417 preferably use parent's default node type for intermediate


This closes #73

JCRVLT-401 allow Content and Container sub packages within Containers
JCRVLT-415 fix false-positive for jackrabbit-emptyelements validator

Allow to validate folders as well

Improve SPI to always pass filePath and basePath

improve PackageTypeValidator to accept also parent folders of OSGi

bundles/configs and subpackages for container packages

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