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JCR-4485: InternalValueFactory.create(File) does not close input stream (merged r1867170 into 2.16)
JCR-4484: jcr-tests: SerializationTest needs to cleanup after parse failures in import tests (merged r1867133 into 2.16)
JCR-4483: jcr2spi: potential NPE in ImportHandler.endDocument (merged r1867130 into 2.16)
JCR-4482: jcr2spi: WorkspaceContentHandler leaks temp files (merged r1867128 into 2.16)
JCR-4478: Update httpclient/mime dependencies to 4.5.10 (merged r1866728 into 2.16)
JCR-4489: Update jacoco dependency to 0.8.4 (merged r1867632 into 2.16)
JCR-4476: Update httpcore dependency to 4.4.12 (merged r1866448 into 2.16)
JCR-4475: Improve o.a.j.jcr2dav.RepositoryStubImpl to test with custom servlet path mapping (patch by woon_san) (merged r1866234 into 2.16)
JCR-4470: update javadoc-plugin dependency to 3.1.1 (merged r1865748 into 2.16)
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-2.16.5
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JCR-4474: Release Jackrabbit 2.16.5 - candidate release notes
JCR-4464: Update Tika dependency to 1.22 (merged 1865525 into 2.16)
JCR-4460: allow to run remoted conformance tests with a custom servlet context path (merged r1863222 and r1863384 into 2.16)
JCR-4459: Basic Authentication for HTTPS URIs does not work (merged r1863196 into 2.16)
JCR-4457: Update httpclient/mime dependencies to 4.5.9 (merged r1862283 into 2.16)
JCR-4455 condition index-rule handling more broken after JCR-4339 (merged r1862783 and r1862805 into 2.16)
JCR-4454: update surefire-report-plugin dependency to 2.22.2 (merged r1861786 into 2.16)
JCR-4453: update pmd-plugin dependency to 3.12.0 (merged r1861781 into 2.16)
JCR-4452: update war-plugin dependency to 3.2.3 (merged r1861778 into 2.16)
JCR-4451: update jar-plugin dependency to 3.1.2 (merged r1861777 into 2.16)
JCR-4450: update checkstyle-plugin dependency to 3.1.0 (merged r1861773 into 2.16)
JCR-4447: jackrabbit-jcr-commons: update cglib dependency (merged r1860645 into 2.16)
JCR-4442: Update animal-sniffer dependency to 1.18 (merged r1860123 into 2.16)
JCR-4441: Update surefire/failsafe dependencies to 2.22.2 (merged r1860118 into 2.16)
JCR-4438: jcr-webdav: AbstractLocatorFactory - fix Javadoc and add trace logging (merged r1859563 into 2.16)
JCR-4437: Update Tika dependency to 1.21 (merged r1859534 into 2.16)
JCR-4428: update Apache parent pom to version 21 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4439: disable baseline check for jackrabbit-bundle (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4425: NodeSetPrimaryTypeTest.testSetPrimaryType() must not use nt:activity (ported to 2.16)