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JCR-2511: Value#getBinary() and #getStream() return internal representation for type PATH and NAME
JCR-2537: spi2davex: clear uri-lookup after removing node identified with uniqueID

-> same for clone with removeExisting flag

typo in comment

JCR-2537: spi2davex: clear uri-lookup after removing node identified with uniqueID

change log level from INFO to DEBUG

JCR-2534: jcr-server: NPE in SearchResourceImpl if PathValue path is null
JCR-2532: spi2davex: session-scoped lock tokens not included in if-header

+ minor improvement

typo in comment
typo in comment

JCR-2531: JCR-RMI problem with large binary values
JCR-2104: JSR 283 Full Versioning

- checkpoint must be aware of current activity for the checkout part

- minor improvements such as @Override annotations, removal of unused params, methods, use generics whereever possible

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- JCR-2527: Fix and simplify CryptedSimpleCredentials

- minor improvements: comments, @Override annotation, redundant throws clause

- consistently use AbstractUserTest#buildPassword(String) for simple user creation

remove unused import
JCR-2529: jcr2spi: Remove sanityCheck() from ItemImpl.getSession()

... and adjust the known issues in spi2jcr

fix indention

JCR-2522 unable to workspace import XML.

JCR-2521 WorkspaceImporter throws exception

JCR-2518: Make ItemIds more stable
JCR-2104: JSR 283 Full Versioning

spi2jcr: known issues list outdated

minor improvement

JCR-2519: spi2davex: use srcWorkspaceName to build srcPath for clone and copy

JCR-2104: JSR 283 Full Versioning

- jcr2spi: simplify VersionManager.checkpoint if Node is already checkedin

- spi2dav: implement shallow merge

- spi2dav: fix bug in merge (besteffort <-> DAV:no-auto-merge)

- spi2dav: fix bug in restore (nodeId may point to non-existing node -> extract existing parent + relPath

- jcr-server: implement shallow merge

- jcr-server: fix merge. for 1:1 remoting the MERGE response body should list the failed ids instead of the affected resource [DeltaV specified behaviour that doesn't make sense for remoting over SPI]

- jcr-server: prefer VersionManager over deprecated version methods

- jcr-server: fix restore with relPath

minor improvement (@Override annotation)
minor improvement
minor improvement
broken javadoc link, minor improvement
minor improvement
fix javadoc according to changes made for JCR 2.0
- JCR-2517 : UserImporter should use User.changePassword

- fixing bug in UserImport#processReferences

- add missing @Override annotation

- parametrize generic types

- remove unnecessary unboxing

simplify by using foreach