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OAK-8918: RDBBlobStore: warn when legacy (SQLServer) default collation is active (merged r1874271 into 1.10)
OAK-8823: Update org.apache.felix.scr.bnd to 1.9.6 (merged r1870993 into 1.10)
OAK-8916: RDBBlobStore: log additional DB diagnostics (align with RDBDocumentStore) (merged r1874269 into 1.10)
OAK-8844: update jackson dependency to 2.10.2 (merged r1872551 into 1.10)
OAK-8824: update jackson dependency to 2.10.1 (merged r1871175 into 1.10)
OAK-8913: RDB*Store: extract 'additionalDiagnostics' code into separate class for re-use from RDBBlobStore (merged r1874174 into 1.10)
OAK-8909: RDBBlobStore: when creating META table for SQL Server, assign readable name for PK (merged r1874084 into 1.10)
OAK-8829: oak-solr-osgi: decouple jackson dependency from project dependency (merged r1871170 into 1.10)
OAK-8907: RDBDocumentStore: change diagnostics from String to Map (merged r1874023 into 1.10)
OAK-8850: oak-jcr tests: switch to commons-lang3 (merged r1872591 into 1.10)
OAK-8846: oak-store-document: remove commons-lang test dependency (merged r1872575 into 1.10)
OAK-8851: oak-upgrade: switch to commons-lang3 (merged r1872599 into 1.10)
OAK-8808: Update maven-bundle-plugin to 4.1.0 (merged r1870541 into 1.10)
OAK-8853: oak-segment-tar tests: switch to commons-lang3 (merged r1872605 into 1.10)
OAK-8805: update org.apache.felix.scr.bnd dependency to 1.9.4 (merged r1870498 into 1.10)
OAK-8816: oak-solr-osgi: adjust Import-Package declaration for upgrade of maven-bundle-plugin to 4.2.1 (merged r1870832 into 1.10)
OAK-8847: update to commons-lang3 3.9 and define version globally (merged r1872586 into 1.10)
OAK-8959: Update Tika dependency to 1.24
OAK-8810: oak-lucene: adjust Import-Package declaration for upgrade of maven-bundle-plugin to 4.2.1 (merged 1870560 into 1.10)
OAK-8799: oak-http: broken Export-Package statement (merged r1870464 into 1.10)
OAK-8960: oak-benchmarks/oak-it-osgi: update commons-compress dependency to 1.20
OAK-8842: Update commons-codec dependency to 1.14 (merged r1872534 into 1.10)
OAK-8852: oak-it: remove unused commons-lang dependency (merged r1872598 into 1.10)
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jackrabbit-oak-1.8.21
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-oak-1.8.21
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rollback release attempt of 1.8.21
rollback release attempt of 1.8.21
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OAK-8949 : Senseless code in PrincipalRestrictionProvider
OAK-8830: oak-store-document: update org.quartz-scheduler dependency to 2.3.2 (merged r1871265 into 1.10)