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OAK-8691: Incorrect base state from node builder

Add ignored test

JCR-4485: InternalValueFactory.create(File) does not close input stream (merged r1867170 into 2.18)
JCR-4484: jcr-tests: SerializationTest needs to cleanup after parse failures in import tests (merged r1867133 into 2.18)
JCR-4483: jcr2spi: potential NPE in ImportHandler.endDocument (merged r1867130 into 2.18)
JCR-4482: jcr2spi: WorkspaceContentHandler leaks temp files (merged r1867128 into 2.18)
JCR-4478: Update httpclient/mime dependencies to 4.5.10 (merged r1866728 into 2.18)
JCR-4476: Update httpcore dependency to 4.4.12 (merged r1866448 into 2.18)
JCR-4475: Improve o.a.j.jcr2dav.RepositoryStubImpl to test with custom servlet path mapping (patch by woon_san) (merged r1866234 into 2.18)
JCR-4472: jcr-rmi: switch to package-level version annotations (merged r1865991 into 2.18)
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JCR-4470: update javadoc-plugin dependency to 3.1.1 (merged r1865748 into 2.18)
JCR-4458: When JcrRemotingServlet deployed on non-root context, AclResource Webdav request fails (patch by woon_san) (merged r1866280 into 2.18)
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Jackrabbit 2.19.5
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OAK-8689 : AccessControlManager.getEffectivePolicies doesn't include ReadPolicy for subtrees
@trivial: Site checkin for project Apache Jackrabbit Site-1.0-SNAPSHOT
Jackrabbit 2.19.5
OAK-8688 : Move ReadPolicy from core to security-spi
Merge branch 'feature/JCRVLT-382_correctly-reset-source' into trunk
trivial: fix javadoc
OAK-8687: deprecate Guava based APIs in ManagementOperation
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jackrabbit-oak-1.6.18
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-oak-1.6.18
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Removing tag for 1.6.18 after failed attempt to release:prepare
Reverting version changes to reactor pom
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jackrabbit-oak-1.6.18
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-oak-1.6.18
OAK-8685: Deprecate Guava based APIs in WhiteboardUtils
OAK-8244 - Close Solr clients on test finish, setting TS to NONE on DACTest
Release notes for 1.6.18