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OAK-8668: Commit throws exception with incorrect UpdateOp
OAK-8244 - DefaultAnalyzersConfigurationTest extends from BaseTokenStreamTestCase
OAK-8667: Merge may fail when commit root is a bundled node

Add ignored test that reproduced the issue

@trivial: Site checkin for project Apache Jackrabbit FileVault Documentation-3.4.1-SNAPSHOT
trivial: some tweaks on the documentation
@trivial: Site checkin for project Apache Jackrabbit FileVault Documentation-3.4.1-SNAPSHOT
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JCRVLT-345 remove accidentally committed maven settings
JCRVLT-345 add separate module for validation
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OAK-8244 - closing Analyzers in tearDown
OAK-8491 : Review default size of eagerCache parameter
OAK-8624: oak-run: tests leak mapd temp files (merged t1867061 into 1.10)
OAK-8643: PrincipalProvider.getMembershipPrincipals should not delegate to deprecated method (merged r1867385 into 1.10)
OAK-8625: oak-upgrade leaks empty test folders (merged r1867005 into 1.10)
OAK-8614: Update httpclient/mime dependencies to 4.5.10 (merged r1866734 into 1.10)
OAK-8598: Update httpcore dependency to 4.4.12 (merged r1866453 into 1.10)
OAK-8583: getNodeByIdentifier may fail with RuntimeException (merged r1866039 and r1866041 into 1.10)
OAK-8570: RDB*Store: update mssql-jdbc driver reference to 7.4.1.jre8 (merged r1865654 into 1.10)
OAK-8653: bump up logging for deprecated security APIs to INFO
OAK-8568: RDB*Store: update mysql jdbc driver reference to 8.0.17 (merged 1865631 into 1.10)
OAK-8567: update tomcat-jdbc dependency to 8.5.43 (merged r1865630 into 1.10)
OAK-8656: ListenerStatsData.toCompositeData() throws NPE

Apply slightly modified patch provided by José Cordero

add version numbering instructions
@trivial: Site checkin for project Apache Jackrabbit Site-1.0-SNAPSHOT
clarify version variable for SVN mv operation
OAK-8549: Update Tika dependency to 1.22 (merged r1865286 into 1.10)
OAK-8655: List changes for revisions
Re-gen and deploy API docs (and other docs) after release of Oak 1.18.0
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OAK-8517: exclude org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.index.* from javadoc generation because of conflicting Lucene versions in class path (restored after unintentional removal)
OAK-8648: Log reason why NodeDocumentSweeper.sweep is called
OAK-8623: Improve collision handling performance

Branch commits that have not been merged yet and happened before the last known startup of a cluster node do not need a collision marker. Those branch commits cannot be merged anymore.