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JCR-4375: Update jetbrains dependency to 16.0.3 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4372: Update mockito dependency to 2.22.0 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4371: Update tika dependency to 1.19 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4368: Update commons-cli dependency to 1.4 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4365: Update cglib dependency to 3.2.8 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4364: update org.apache.felix.scr.annotations dependency to 1.12.0 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4363: Update mockito dependency to 2.21.0 (ported to 2.16)
release cancelled
JCR-4362: Update tomcat dependency to 8.5.33 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4361: Update spotbugs plugin to 3.1.6 (ported to 2.16)
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jackrabbit-oak-1.9.9
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-oak-1.9.9
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JCR-4360: update maven-scr-plugin to 1.26.0 (ported to 2.16)
OAK-7806: Release Jackrabbit Oak 1.9.9 - Release Notes
JCR-4359: update maven-bundle-plugin to 3.5.0 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4357: upgrade to Jacoco version compatible with Java 11 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4350: jackrabbit-jcr-servlet: remove special-cased servlet-api dependency (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4349: Update plexus-utils dependency to 3.1.0 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4348: Update osgi (compendium, core) dependencies (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4347: Update com.jcraft.jsch dependency to 0.1.54 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4346: Update easymock dependency to 3.6 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4345: Update mockito dependency to 2.20.0 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4344: Update h2db version to latest stable 1.4.196 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4343: Update commons-vfs2 version to 2.2 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4342: remove unused JSR 305 dependency from pom (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4339: Indexing configuration condition property seems to be broken (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4336: Upgrade commons-dbcp dependencies (ported to 2.16)
fix svn:eol-style
OAK-7805: getBinaryReferences() may return null when using the split persistence

- added test case created by @amitjain