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add hint to check for unintended export version changes
OAK-7561: Don't migrate the checkpoints in oak-store-composite seed initialization

- use the up-to-date targetBuilder before committing the /:async changes

OAK-7561: Don't migrate the checkpoints in oak-store-composite seed initialization
JCR-4293: jackrabbit-core: observation tests should not rely on mix:lockable mixin type (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4093: IndexRule are meant to be applied based on both primaryType and minin type based inheritance. Currently it appears that only primaryType based inheritance is working (ported to 2.14)
OAK-7532 VersionStorageEditor should allow bootstraping of initial content

JCR-4318: Update failsafe and surefire plugin versions to 2.22.0
JCRVLT-292 Order of ACLs are altered on installation of content packages
JCR-4317: davex remoting fails for non-ASCII characters in node names
OAK-7556: Update failsafe and surefire plugin versions to 2.22.0
OAK-7551 - Implement a stateless cancellation strategy

The cancellation strategy previously represented by `CancelCompactionSupplier`

has been replaced by `Canceller`. `Canceller` repesents a hierarchy of

cancellation conditions which can rely a cancellation request as soon as one of

the conditions is met. This allows the code to create more specific

cancellation conditions for specific parts of the codebase, withouth amassing

the cancellation state in a single entity.

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OAK-7554: Extract InactiveRevisionContext from LastRevRecoveryAgent
OAK-7553: Extract interface from CommitValueResolver
JCRVLT-301 Do not always skip installation of sub packages (closes #27)
JCR-4294: TCK tests should pass on repositories without locking support (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4296: Upgrade httpmime dependency to 4.5.5 (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4292: davex: preserve cause in exceptions and log affected URI (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4291: FileInputStream for workspace.xml not closed in RepositoryConfig.loadWorkspaceConfig(File) (ported to 2.14)

(patch by Jan Quadflieg)

JCR-4290: remove unused commons-codec dependency (ported to 2.14)
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jackrabbit-oak-1.9.4
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-oak-1.9.4
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Apache jackrabbit Oak 1.9.4

release notes

JCR-4288: Upgrade tika-parsers dependency to 1.18 (ported to 2.14)
OAK-7550 - Make running cleanup before compaction the default strategy
JCR-4280: code coverage checks fail on Java 10 (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4264: jackrabbit-standalone: align commons-cli dependency with oak (ported to 2.14)
OAK-7547: commons: avoid use of Guava beta APIs in StringSort
JCR-4263: jcr-server, jackrabbit-bundle: align org.osgi dependencies with oak (ported to 2.14)