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ISIS-2275: supposed fix

ISIS-2275: typo

ISIS-2275: more refactoring (code readability)

ISIS-2062: updates docs for config properties.

(get rid of '()' for description of attributes).

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ISIS-2062: updates docs for config properties.

ISIS-2062: docs

ISIS-2062: docs

ISIS-2062: updates docs for config properties.

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ISIS-2158: fixes bug: adds missing return statement (analysis by sonar)

ISIS-2285: updates docs

ISIS-2158: supposed to fix bug in ObjectSpecification#isOfType

ISIS-2158: SecMan: starting to extract mixins for all actions

also moving these mixins from 'jdo' to 'model'

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ISIS-2062: updates docs

ISIS-2180: adds SwaggerExporter.

NB: some earlier commits tagged to ISIS-2285 (domain model validator) should have been tagged with ISIS-2180 also.

ISIS-2158: SecMan: sorted features and new icon for disabled user

ISIS-2286: supposed fix for classes being excluded too strictly

ISIS-2275: starting to refactor GridSystemServiceBS3 into smaller pieces

ISIS-2275: adds some string utilities

ISIS-2275: let ResourceAbstract no longer be a holder of ResourceContext

decouples the ResourceContext from the resource

ISIS-2285: fixing compile issue in maven (lombok)

ISIS-2285: fix conflict after rebase

ISIS-2275: further refactoring and fixes tests

ISIS-2285: fix unit tests for the domain model validation stuff

ISIS-2062: docs

ISIS-2275: fix typo in pom descriptor

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ISIS-2275: refactor DomainObjectResourceServerside to support testing

allows testing without having to mock or bring up a web stack

ISIS-2180: polishing ValidateDomainModel (renamed to DomainModelValidator)

#42 Unexpected JsonDecodingException

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ISIS-2275: fixes regression (as discovered by sonar analysis)

ISIS-2275: completes some refactoring that was pending