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ISIS-1427: fix up unit tests that are failing...

... per the preceding deletion of Localization and also the IsisContext refactoring

ISIS-1427: simplifying IsisContext and minimizing calls to it; also removed Localization (unused)

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ISIS-1428: rationalizing and simplifying IsisComponentProvider hierarchy. Removing ability to override services and installable fixtures within IsisSystemForTest.Builder. Making AppManifest mandatory.

ISIS-1428: removing the ability to override services in IsisSystemForTest (instead, use AppManifest).

ISIS-1428: removed JavaReflectorInstaller, removing the duplicated code in IsisComponentProviderDefault2. NB: removed ability to override MetaModelValidator.

ISIS-1428: removing SpecificationLoaderInstaller, just use the JavaReflectorInstaller directly; JavaReflectorInstaller no longer inherit from InstallerAbstract

ISIS-1428: removing Installer#getType(), since not used.

ISIS-1428: removing PersistenceMechanismInstaller and implementation, inlining code

ISIS-1427: use DeploymentCategory rather than DeploymentType throughout (except in very initial bootstrapping).


- no need for IsisInjectModel to expose DeploymentType or IsisConfiguration as @Provides @Singleton

- remove DeploymentType from IsisComponentProvider classes (plays no part), just pass to IsisSystem directly.

- allow IsisSystem to be created from a non-null AppManifest (internally creates a default IsisComponentProviderDefault2)

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ISIS-1247: simplifying IsisInjectModule a little, moving InstallerLookup as a nested static class of IsisComponentProviderUsingInstallers.

ISIS-1428: removing Splash (unused enum) and OptionHandlerNoSplash.

ISIS-1427: simplified IsisInjectModule, removing IsisSystemFactory in the process.

ISIS-1247: minor refactorings/simplifications within IsisSystem.

ISIS-1247: simplify IsisContext, IsisSessionFactory and IsisSession: IsisContext now merely holds a static IsisSessionFactory, which in turn holds the thread-local of IsisSessions; responsibility for populating thread-local in the factory (via methods to open and close sessions). Remove involvement of DeploymentType in the proceedings.

ISIS-1247: don't pass IsisConfiguration and SpecificationLoader into PersistenceSession's constructor, can look up from ServicesInjector.

ISIS-1247: remove getOidMarshaller from ResourceAbstract (unused)

ISIS-1247: ServicesInjector - adding convenience lookups for AuthenticationManager and AuthorizationManager

ISIS-1427: IsisTransaction constructor simplified. Also, obtain MessageBroker from either AuthenticationSession or from ServicesInjector convenience method.

ISIS-1427: SpecificationLoader does not require DeploymentCategory or Isisconfiguration in its constructor.

ISIS-1427: ServicesInjector additional lookup methods, and fail-fast lookup.

ISIS-1335: documentation updates

ISIS-1335: changing the simpleapp isis.version back to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT (after merging in of 1.12.2 release branch).

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Merge branch 'release-1.12.2-RC1'

# Conflicts:

# example/archetype/simpleapp/pom.xml

# example/archetype/simpleapp/src/main/resources/archetype-resources/pom.xml

# example/archetype/simpleapp/src/test/resources/projects/basic/

ISIS-1424: updating docs for 1.12.2 release

ISIS-292: removed isValid from SPI of Authenticator.

ISIS-1433: minDate and maxDate for date pickers

ISIS-1432: don't use current date automatically for date/time picker.

ISIS-1430: minor edits to docs

ISIS-1429: removing unused fields in IsisTransaction

ISIS-1335: fix to typo in simpleapp comment