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ISIS-1406: simpleapp integ tests also now running

ISIS-1406: unit tests now passing for isis-core-metamodel.

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ISIS-1406: lots more refactoring around IsisConfiguration and IsisConfigurationBuilder.


- simplified IsisConfigurationBuilder, now a single class (rather than an interface with 4 different impls, only 2 of which were used).

- removed IsisRunner, so that the command line options are now a responsibility of the IsisConfigurationBuilder

- IsisConfigurationBuilder is passed from o.a.i.WebServer to IsisWicketApplication (not just the "primers"

- removed OptionValidator, wasn't being used

- FacetFactoryAbstract responsible for providing IsisConfiguration to all subclass impls

- InstallerLookup simplified, no longer responsible for appending to the IsisConfigurationBuilder

- InstallerAbstract impls now all have the IsisConfiguration injected into them (constructor injection).

- removed duplication between IsisWebAppBootstrapper and IsisWicketApplication

As of this commit the app runs, but the fixtures are not being automatically installed.

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ISIS-1406: refactoring IsisConfigurationBuilder and IsisConfiguration (WIP)

ISIS-1405: removing IsisConfigurationAware.

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ISIS-1405: DeploymentCategoryProvider now implemented by a domain service, so can be looked up from ServicesInjector. Removed DeploymentCategoryProviderAware.

Also removed duplication in setup of various facet factory unit tests per injection, expectations etc.

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ISIS-1404: AuthenticationSessionProvider is now a domain service; removed the AuthenticationSessionProviderAbstract and Aware interfaces.

In addition, FacetFactoryAbstract now implements ServiceInjectorAware, none of the subclass FacetFactorys do. The intention here is that we can just let FacetFactory reach into ServicesInjector to pull out the domain services, such as AuthenticationSessionProvider impl'n.

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ISIS-1365: DOCD now delegates to RepositoryService so far as is possible

ISIS-1352: refactoring, collapsing IsisSystemThatUsesInstallersFactory into IsisSystemFactory (removing interface).

ISIS-1402: removing Debuggable interface and implementations, and supporting unused debug methods.

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ISIS-1336: fixing config property string in code, in line with (correct) docs.

ISIS-1335: renaming internal classes within metamodel

rename ActionInvocationContext -> ActionValidityContext

rename ActionArgumentContext -> ActionArgValidityContext

ISIS-1355: minor refactoring to extract method in wicket viewer.

ISIS-1344: removing old entries from

ISIS-1355: minor extension to SimpleObject example.

ISIS-1291: updating docs for publishing and domain events. Fixing deprecation warning on @DomainObject.

ISIS-1291: updating documentation for schemas.

Minor alterations to schemas themselves, just changing the order of members

ISIS-1291: moved internal framework services into its own guide

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ISIS-1291: updating docs for new services. Also IsisTransaction now to clears the changed object properties rather than AuditingService, otherwise PublisherService would mis-report the metric of number of changed object properties.

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ISIS-1291: further documentation. Slight extension to the PublishedObjects API

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ISIS-1291: documentation on command and events.


- adding missing schemas in adocs documentation (for hosting on the web).

- updating bad links to @Xxx_aaa in multiple files

- deprecating some methods in applib API.

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ISIS-1370: adding some additional standard column lengths to applib's JdoColumnLength

ISIS-1370: improve syntax of comparator static methods in DomainChangeJdoAbstract

Update Wicket to 7.3.0 Also update Wicket Webjars and Wicket Bootstrap

ISIS-1370: adding a new JdoColumnLength constant for status messages (for publishmq impl to reference).

ISIS-1370: provide wormhole to allow mixin properties/collections to disable publishing of actions.

ISIS-1400: filter out any bulk-only actions.

ISIS-1370: refining the API for PublisherService.

ISIS-1370: cleaning up the API to PublisherService, renaming EnlistedObjectsService to ChangedObjectsService etc.

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ISIS-1370: now supports publishing of objects.