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ISIS-2043: adds support for @DomainObject(xxxDomainEvent=...) for mixins

whereby will honour the domain event specified if not otherwise annotated.

In fact, this contains a few other fixes:

* previously, although mixin actions did emit domain events for all phases (hide/disable/validate/executing/executed), mixin properties and mixin collections emitted none. Now this is fixed so that the emit domain events for the first two phases (hide/disable). It doesn't make sense to emit them for the remainder because mixin props/colls are always derived (are read-only queries under the covers).

* also, getMixedIn() now promoted from ActionDomainEvent up to AbstractDomainEvent

* also, added similar getSubject() (a simple wrapper around getSource() and getMixedIn()) also in AbstractDomainEvent.

ISIS-2043: adds ActionDomainEvent#getSubject() as a convenience

ISIS-2043: adds domainEvents for @DomainObject

ISIS-1974: moves further metamodel validation to be evaluated later

ISIS-2042: When PROTOTYPING warn when menubars.layout.xml is missing


ISIS-890: removing and cleaning up 'exploration'


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ISIS-1991: polishing: no need for overriding immutable value getter


ISIS-2037: add context-path if required


ISIS-1991: never show devutils in PRODUCTION


ISIS-1991: cleanup: use _Context.isPrototyping() everywhere (framework internal)

this is exposed by IsisContext.getEnvironment() as part of the public



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ISIS-1991: polishing the deploymentType decision logic


ISIS-1991: add "isis.deploymentType" as a config option


ISIS-1991: adding back in the legacy behavior


ISIS-1991: removing debug code

simple-app: updating mml approved


ISIS-1991: major: removing the DeploymentCategory

also rolling up RenderContext2-6


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ISIS-2006: AnyIn/AnyOut/Try removed, to revert todays changes

does not provide much of a value, so removed, in order to not bloat


ISIS-2006: deduplicate code by rather utilizing JaxbUtil

ISIS-2006: AnyOutBuffer: fix missing assignment

ISIS-2006: extending applib with universal source/sink and 'try'

introduces AnyIn - universal source

introduces AnyOut - universal sink

introduces AnyOutBuffer - universal in-memory sink

introduces Try - immutable holder for either a result or an exception

ISIS-2020: fixes broken DN Blob mapping

dealing with the fact, that with DN 5.1.10 -> 5.2.0.M1 extension-points

were renamed

DN Migration Guide:


ISIS-2031: further simplify code, also allow for less prominent css styling of 'took seconds' label


ISIS-1811 remove empty legacy projects

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ISIS-2031: add 'took seconds' label to bottom of tables

... when in prototyping mode


ISIS-2032: introduces IsisTotalRecordsToolbar which displays 'Showing all of 123' at the bottom of data tables