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ISIS-1313: adding missing fa- icon for Dto mixin action.

ISIS-1313: tiny fix for mojo docs.

ISIS-1287: adding quote to the home page.

ISIS-993: fixing the JDK7 re-implementation (which was resulting in spurious top-level actions appearing as top-level)

For some reason FluentIterable#transform(...) doesn't iterate as I expected. Replacing with a simple loop.

ISIS-993: domain object facets (from grid XML) should overwrite existing facets in metamodel (if present)

... eg bookmarking, naming

ISIS-1312: updating docs on how to do DTO/XSD versioning

ISIS-1313: updating docs for xsd mojo goal

ISIS-993: recreating simpleapp archetype

ISIS-993: fixing layout in simpleapp; minor doc change

ISIS-993: more docs

ISIS-993: fixing java7 compile issues.

ISIS-993: fixing compile issue from stale javadoc ref.

ISIS-993: more documentation, some minor fixes...


- if first property in a fieldset is invalid (was losing the actions associated with the fieldset).

- schema location in downloaded XML was missing the bootstrap3 grid.

ISIS-993: more documentation.

ISIS-993: further documentation on the layout/grid system.

ISIS-993: split LayoutService back out into LayoutService (API) vs GridService (SPI); rationalizing APIs; adding documentation.

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ISIS-993: tidying up GridImplementationService...


- change lexical order of methods in GridImplementationServiceAbstract, per call hierarchy

- only generate a warning if in prototyping mode;


- if obtaining the complete(...) or the minimal(...) grids, then instantiate a new grid (rather than using the one that might be being cached by GridFacetDefault) because these methods modify said grid object (complete(...) adds stuff, minimal(...) removes stuff).

ISIS-993: rationalizing and simplifying the domain services that support the dynamic layouts.


- new LayoutServiceMenu (formally was MetadataMenu), now delegates to ...

- renamed GridService to LayoutService, simplified and combined methods, but also added downloadLayouts for LayoutServiceMenu to call

- renamed GridNormalizerService to GridImplementationService

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ISIS-993: documentation on XML layouts.

ISIS-993: updating the components.xsd in docs directory

ISIS-1287: minor CSS fix for "are you sure" popup.

ISIS-993: extending grid structure to include offsets and allow multiple col-XX-nn to be defined per column.

Also tidied up the simpleapp:

- removed .layout.json for HomePageViewModel, replaced with a .layout.xml

- cleaned up SimpleObject (removing those test collections)

- removed SimpleObject#updateName action.

ISIS-993: updating javadoc is all.

ISIS-993: removing the ability to view the Grid as a view model (in its own right); no real use case for this functionality at the moment.

ISIS-993: fixing unit test from refactoring of SpecificationCacheDefault earlier

ISIS-993: ensure columns in tables are rendered in correct order (require eagerly obtaining grid); also when rendering, ignore any invalid properties/collections/actions.

ISIS-993: only include entities and view models' layouts in zip file from MetadataMenu#downloadLayouts (XML)

ISIS-993: minor refactoring of helper methos in GridNormalizerService implementations.

ISIS-993: ensure that actions associated to properties/collections/fieldsets are added in the correct order when normalizing grid.

ISIS-993: when normalize, bind actions to properties or field sets (if metadata not already specified as an annotation).