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ISIS-2215: removes @ComponentScan throughout core.

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#33 Colorize Menu Entries

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ISIS-2215: renames unit tests is all

ISIS-2215: fixes lombok issue

ISIS-2215: fixes lombok issue

ISIS-2215: fixes lombok issue

ISIS-2215: lombok is failing to build in wicket-model ... fixing version to try to diagnose

ISIS-2215: moves fakedata.dom blobs and clob resources

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ISIS-2215: fixes compile issues

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ISIS-2177: removing unreferenced Encodable methods from Oids

ISIS-2177: move ObjectAdapterMemento static methods to proper service

ISIS-2177: mementos: remove unreferenced methods

ISIS-2215: adds missing modules, move some classes around

and started to enumerate @Components for some (applib, metamodel) ... ie to remove @ComponentScan

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ISIS-2177: fixes issues originating from last commit

ISIS-2177: further decouple memento-code from Persistence

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ISIS-2214: adds @Module annotation (though not using it within core framework)

... this is just an opinion, for use within starter apps.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

ISIS-2213: fixes up compile issues

#5 remove console.log's

#38 switch to kvision2

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ISIS-2213: moves classes under o.a.i.viewer.restfulobjects.viewer (instead of ...server)

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ISIS-2213: moves viewer/restfulobjects/server to viewer/restfulobjects/viewer

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ISIS-2213: updates git.propertiesDir etc for viewer-restfulobjects-viewer

ISIS-2213: renames <artifactId>isis-viewer-restfulobjects-server</artifactId> to <artifactId>isis-viewer-restfulobjects-viewer</artifactId>

ISIS-2158: minor: update maven model description

Merge pull request #169 from BigDataArtisans/remove-lines

remove empty lines

ISIS-2213: fixes up site.yml after recent moves.

ISIS-2213: fixes incorrect default package names in IsisConfiguration

ISIS-2213: moves classes around in viewer-wicket-viewer

ISIS-2213: just moves some classes around in viewer-wicket-viewer

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