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ISIS-1841 move deprecated classes from applib to applib-legacy

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ISIS-1841 integrate new applib-legacy module

let applib-legacy depend on applib

let metamodel depend on applib-legacy

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ISIS-1841 create new module core-applib-legacy to ease removal of deprecated API

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ISIS-1827 applib: remove uses of guava with Internal API

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ISIS-1827 Internal API: add drop-in replacements for some guava classes

ISIS-1841 Internal API: add smart compression including tests

ISIS-1827 fix not compiling

ISIS-1827 remove guava from ExceptionRecognizer implementation

provide legacy variants to ease transition from 1.x to 2.0:

* ExceptionRecognizerAbstractLegacy

* ExceptionRecognizerForTypeLegacy

ISIS-1841 fix typos, enhance java-doc

ISIS-1841 for base64 encoding resort to internal API

ISIS-1841 _Bytes: refactor to symmetrical naming

ISIS-1841 Internal API: add tests for compression and base64 encoding

ISIS-1841 for compression and base64 encoding resort to internal API

ISIS-1841 Internal API: introduces _Bytes

for byte[] manipulation such as base64 encoding and compression

also extending _Strings with converters from- and to-bytes

ISIS-1841 refactor: remove guava idioms

ISIS-1823 introduce config property to hide footer

ISIS-1881 remove swagger-ui from simpleapp/helloworld and artifacts

(swagger-ui is now bundled with metamodel)

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ISIS-1881 package swagger-ui with core/metamodel

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ISIS-1880 add path syntax validation

ISIS 1880 establish redirect behavior for LocalResourcePath

adapting the behavior as already available for the URL value type

ISIS 1880 replace URL with new LocalResourcePath

ISIS 1880 store context path on IsisWicketApplication init

using new internal API _Resource

ISIS-1880 introduce new value type LocalResourcePath

like but for web-app internal (context-path relative)

resource links

ISIS-1880 Internal API: introduce _Resource for storing application scoped parameters

ISIS-1880 Internal API: null-safe getOrDefault on maps

ISIS-1880 Internal API: allow _Context to override already presnet singletons

ISIS-1879: uses ClockService to set Date header for HTTP responses in RO viewer.

ISIS-1877: adds 'up' link to action result representation

ISIS-1872: moves withAdditionalDependency/ies from AppManifestAbstract2.Builder up to ModuleOrBuilderAbstract

... so that is inherited by ModuleAbstract also.

bumping to

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