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ISIS-2033: moving jdo specific classes from 'runtime' to 'jdo-common'

also removing unused classes


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ISIS-2033: refactoring FixtureScript's installed state


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ISIS-2033: automated 'organize imports' on 'runtime' and 'viewers'


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ISIS-2033: no more direct deps of wicket-viewer on PersistenceSession


ISIS-2033: further remove uses of PersistenceSession


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ISIS-2033: apply non-breaking changes from previous


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Revert "ISIS-2033: introduces ManagedObjectState"

This reverts commit 525a92c0bfec2099ddce33d0526d62cf5b0474fd.

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ISIS-2033: introduces ManagedObjectState


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ISIS-2084: more on being able to push to GCR

ISIS-2084: adds missing config in core/.m2/settings.xml

to allow upload to GCR (

ISIS-2084: .gitlab-ci.yml comments, in line with 'master'

ISIS-2072: updates comments in .gitlab-ci.yml

ISIS-2084: updates core/pom.xml for deploys to GCP

ISIS-2084: syncing .gitlab-ci.yml with master

ISIS-2033: cleanup, ObjectAdapterMemento's ConcurrencyChecking removed


ISIS-2072: reinstates pushing libraries into

ISIS-2094: aligning gitlab with master

ISIS-2072: push to 'apacheisis/simpleapp'

rather than 'apacheisiscommitters/simpleapp'

The former is the org_name, whereas latter is direct to user_name

ISIS-2094: temporarily removes pushing of simpleapp image

ISIS-2072: debugging

ISIS-2072: debugging

ISIS-2072: debugging

ISIS-2033: properly integrates ObjectAdapterMemento with contexts

this fixes simple-app: both JDO and Spring/JPA demo menus work


ISIS-2094: dummy edits on .gitlab CI

to push simpleapp image to docker hub

ISIS-2072: updates gitlab, publish simpleapp to docker hub

ISIS-2033: fixes provisioning of ValueContextManager