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ISIS-1468: extends TransactionService, adding in getTransactionState

This promotes TransactionState to the applib, and removes the internal TransactionStateProividerInternalXxx domain services; moved to TransacionServiceDefault simply delegate to the PersistenceSessionServiceInternal for the underlying implementation.

Also updated docs.

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ISIS-1614: fixes responsive menu bar for tertiary menu

ISIS-1579: tweaks underlining style

ISIS-1579: fixes positioning of search results when there is a table of contents along the side

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    • +14
ISIS-1594: updates domain service .adoc names and ids, so that the edit buttons are added correctly to subdocuments. Also some further minor improvements on scrolling.

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    • +23
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ISIS-1594: improves the edit button, reintroduces sticky header, and fixes interaction of scrolling between toc and the top header.

ISIS-1391: updates documentation also

ISIS-1393: removes MessageServiceInternal as an internal API, and instead has two implementations of MessageService (a noop one, and a default one)

ISIS-1590: removes use of ObjectContracts in ApplicationFeatureId's implementation of Comparable, also of toString.

ISIS-1606: adds back in the required pom.xml for the simpleapp application/archetype

ISIS-1579: fixes minor typo on index.html

ISIS-1579: hide TOC when small

ISIS-1579: further improvements to responsive layout

ISIS-1579: makes the doc layout more responsive (especially index.html)

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ISIS-1579: fixes scrolling and bad links in menu

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    • +20
ISIS-1579: deletes unused CSS and JS for reworked website

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ISIS-1579: tidying up

ISIS-1579: front page converted to bootstrap

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ISIS-1579: comment out the datanucleus theme, header-links, documentation table

ISIS-1579: menu bar

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ISIS-1579: improving the search bar

ISIS-1579: wip, now using DN as base; half-way converted.

Still need to:

- sort out search bar

- colour/theme

- headings

- index.adoc

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ISIS-1595: updates migration notes

ISIS-1611: updates to migration notes

ISIS-1611: sets the default menuOrder to be less than that of the menuOrder for all framework-provided implementations; also updates docs and migration guide

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ISIS-1603: inline prompts now supported for booleans

ISIS-1575: fixes problems with download page (bad char)

ISIS-1575: fixes problems with download page

ISIS-1521: tiny fix to docs

ISIS-1605: updates docs