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ISIS-2161: adds a new annotation: Model

- new validation: SupportingMethodValidatorRefinerFactory

- replaces validation via MethodPrefixBasedFacetFactoryAbstract

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ISIS-2158: internal API extensions and fixes

ISIS-2062: adds content for the toc guides.

also updates bundle

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ISIS-2161: Remove domain-object member naming restrictions

- we no longer check for previously reserved prefixes on actions (hide,

disable, ...)

ISIS-2158: add specialized MethodFinderUtils.findMethod_returningText()

- and use it with many of the FacetFactories

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ISIS-2158: share the _MethodCache on the _Context

ISIS-2158: _MethodCache made threadsafe, also only lookup public methods

ISIS-2158: performance improvement for MethodFinderUtils

- JDK reflection API has no Class.getMethod(name, ...) variant that does

not produce an expensive stacktrace, when no such method exists; by

introducing a _MethodCache (internal API) we see the following

improvements with a simple headless smoketest context:

- previously 44k calls to Class.getMethod taking 500ms

- with the new _MethodCache the MethodFinderUtils take only 16ms

ISIS-2158: marks MethodPrefixFinder deprecated, is no longer used

ISIS-2158: fixes MM validation on deprecated NatureOfService options

- also cleans up (de-duplicates) prefix constants

ISIS-2158: NatureOfService: resurrect former enum options

- in order to ease domain code migration (from 1.x to 2.x)

- also providing more precise specifications with associated java-doc

ISIS-2158: fixes stereotypes on services that failed MM validation

- we have still failing services, those that contribute to menus

ISIS-2158: fixes prorgammatic metamodel validation

- also extends the ValidationFailure gathering functionality to also

record the originating class/member/parameter, where the validation

failure occurred

- allows for smoketests to filter the gathered validation failures by

particular domain-object types of interest (which previously was not

possible by only relying on the failure message text)

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ISIS-2158: adding _ prefixes to internal Concurrent* classes

ISIS-2062: copied Andi's notes on ConcurrentTaskList

ISIS-2158: adds new debugging presets

- debug logging for the programming model and its refiners

- also adds stubs for metamodel validation smoketesting with good and

bad domain-objects

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ISIS-2062: reworking the TOC and menu structure

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ISIS-2158 bump JUnit (Jupiter) 5.4.2 -> 5.5.2

- basically to be in line with latest Eclipse 2019-09

(otherwise one could not start JUnit tests from within the IDE)

ISIS-2158 MetaModelExporter: minor code refinement

ISIS-2158 changes MetaModelExporter behavior

- revert change from last commit, but support a package prefix wildcard

- if configured package prefixes is empty: export none

- if configured package prefixes contains '*': export all

ISIS-2158 changes MetaModelExporter behavior

- if no package prefixes configured export all instead of none

ISIS-2158 provide a 'headless' configuration for 'smoketests'

- that is bootstrapping without any persistence layer

ISIS-2062: ug fun building-blocks chapter now one page

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ISIS-2062: ug-fun core-concepts is now a single chapter

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ISIS-2128 fixes broken TimestampingService

- its now the responsibility of any persistence plugin (like JDO) to

publish (newly introduced) PreStore and PostStore events on the

framework's eventbus

- TimestampingService is now re-implemented to simply listen for

PreStore events and then act on the persistable objects that are passed

over by these events

- TimestampingService was also de-coupled from any JDO specific code,

which allowed us to move it to the 'runtime' module

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ISIS-2062: adds missing relativePath's to pom.xml as result of moves.

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ISIS-2062: moves rg alongside code, renamed to _adoc-rg

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ISIS-2062: moves ug alongside code, renamed to _adoc-ug

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ISIS-2062: moves ug-tst alongside code, and renames to just 'Testing" (and changes ug-tst to testing)

also fixes some missed xref's

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ISIS-2062: moves ug-sec alongside code, and renames to just 'Security" (and changes ug-sec to security)

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