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ISIS-2205: runtime-extensions renamed to runtime-spring

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ISIS-2205: moves jee_support to incubator/microprofile

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ISIS-2205: just deletes Profiler and ProfilerSystem

ISIS-2205: moves HsqlDbManagerMenu to runtime-services

ISIS-2206: fixes site.yml also

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ISIS-2206: moves extensions/legacy to legacy/applib, legacy/core and legacy/runtime

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ISIS-2206: adds doc placeholders for incubator documentation

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ISIS-2206 renames incubator/other/incubator to incubator/core/model

also moves jsr303 (unused code)

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ISIS-2205: fixes unit tests for wrapper factory moving

ISIS-2206: moves isis-extensions/incubator to isis-incubator/incubator

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ISIS-2205: moves wrapper factory from runtime-extensions to runtime-services

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ISIS-2200: fixes unit tests

ISIS-2204: fixes algorithm, was allowing create(...) returning an entity as being visible while list(): List<Entity> was not.

ISIS-2203 - fixes NPE by passing the ObjectSpec down (rather than attempt to obtain from a possibly null ObjectAdapter)

ISIS-2200: improves ordering of swagger paths

and refactors the Tagger, ClassExcluder and ValuePropertyFactory under Spring control so that they can be substituted if necessary.

ISIS-2202: exclude org.springframework from the metamodel:

ISIS-2199: reinstates code that had been commented out.

This is the supporting method validation logic. It's not exactly clear to me if the orphan validation stuff still applies, at least not if explict actions annotations are in use.

ISIS-2196: removes duplication by introducing MethodUtil.isPublic(...)

ISIS-2196: now ignores static methods during introspection

... allowing MethodScope enum to be removed

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ISIS-2196: removes facet factories that look for static methods


- RemoveStaticGettersAndSettersFacetFactory

- DisableForSessionFacetViaMethodFactory

- HideForSessionFacetViaMethodFactory

ISIS-2195: adds further short-circuit when loading actions

... either load the specifications for all of the action parameter types, or none.

ISIS-2158: fixes sign-in page, which showed bad img link if no image was configured

... the brandLogoSignIn is a URL, so cannot fall back to being the application name.

ISIS-2148: fixes site.yml, accidentally committed with incorrect antora ui bundle

... so breaking the build

ISIS-2188: cosmetic change for FixtureResult layout

clearHints moved to drop-down

ISIS-2197: ClassSubstitutor is now Spring-managed.

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ISIS-2195: refactoring MethodUtil#removeMethods, removing use of boolean (replace with enum)

Also removes SpecificationTraverser ... inlines its single method

ISIS-2195: quits introspecting if method is not annotated with @Action but explicit action annotations required.

ISIS-2194: always logs translations on shutdown. Also simplifies init logic, whether to stay in write mode

... by ignoring concept of in prototype or test, simply stay in write mode based on the configured translationMode. The rationale is that this is easy to configure in Spring Boot-based integration tests.

ISIS-2188: injects services into FixtureScript before running

This previously wasn't required because FixtureScripts were view models so likely to be injected already.

ISIS-2148: removes starter apps, updates doc structure

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