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ISIS-2217: renames Module to ModuleWithFixtures

ISIS-2177: align service name with module name

ISIS-2177: splitting memento code into API/Impl

moving API to core/webapp

moving Impl to wicket/viewer

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ISIS-2177: further cleanup memento code (better reflect common idioms)

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ISIS-2177: let have any Oid provide the specId (not just RootOid)

ISIS-2177: remove Oid.copy() (Oid is immutable)

also improving some method naming and java-doc

ISIS-2216: deprecates NatureOfService#DOMAIN .... just use @Service instead

ISIS-2216: removes unnecessary @Import for IsisModuleSecurity{Shiro/Keycloak}

ISIS-2216: adds @Named for AuthenticationManagerStandard

ISIS-2216: changes capitalization of @Named("..")

and ensures that all @DomainService(...) are also @Named

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ISIS-2216: adds some smoke tests to confirm interaction between @Order, @Primary and @Qualifier

ISIS-2216: adds @Named(...) and converts @DomainService(nature=DOMAIN) to @Service

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ISIS-2215: adds @Named("...") for services for consistency with ids prior to refactoring

SpringServiceProvisiongTest#dump_all used to compare before vs after.

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ISIS-2215: reinstates one of the constructors for SimpleSession

ISIS-2215: fixes disable message for swagger and rest api menus

ISIS-2215: TableColumnService is not a service, don't declare as such.

Also move to applib.spi

ISIS-2215: declares AuthenticationManagerStandard as a service of service-api

ISIS-2215: simplifies SimpleSession constructors.

ISIS-2215: removes @ComponentScan throughout core.

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#33 Colorize Menu Entries

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ISIS-2215: renames unit tests is all

ISIS-2215: fixes lombok issue

ISIS-2215: fixes lombok issue

ISIS-2215: fixes lombok issue

ISIS-2215: lombok is failing to build in wicket-model ... fixing version to try to diagnose

ISIS-2215: moves fakedata.dom blobs and clob resources

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ISIS-2215: fixes compile issues

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ISIS-2177: removing unreferenced Encodable methods from Oids

ISIS-2177: move ObjectAdapterMemento static methods to proper service

ISIS-2177: mementos: remove unreferenced methods