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ISIS-1521: adds missing license headers

ISIS-1521: corrections in release process docs

ISIS-1521: updates to release procedures

ISIS-1521: fixes integ test

ISIS-1521: simplifies SimpleModuleIntegTestAbstract

ISIS-1521: deprecates DomainObjectContainer itself

ISIS-1521: deprecates methods in AbstractContainedObject

ISIS-1686: adds some further convenience services to FixtureScript, and for IntegrationTestAbstract2

ISIS-1686: adds some convenience services in FixtureScript

Merge branch 'ISIS-1687_pr-83'

Merge branch 'master' of into ISIS-1687_pr-83

ISIS-1690: backing out and then reinstating the errant code

ISIS-1521: tiny tweaks to simpleapp archetype

ISIS-1690: if a service's @PostConstruct throws an exception, continue to initialize remainder, and THEN throw the exception to caller

ISIS-1689: ObjectSpecIdFacetDerivedFromClassName is now a derived facet so will not clobber object spec id facet from JDO PersistenceCapable#schema

isis-1686: further extensions to AppManifestAbstract, and updates to the properties in the two archetypes

ISIS-1686: minor reworking of matchers in IntegrationTestAbstract2

ISIS-1688: honours both @DomainServiceLayout and @DomainService menuOrder when determining priority

ISIS-1686: simpleapp archetype now uses new AppManifestAbstract etc.

also renames the Builder's withModules to forModules, to avoid possible confusion with the withAdditionalModules method

ISIS-1687: Implemented IsisJdoSupport::executeQueryUnique for executing typesafe queries with a unique match as result

ISIS-1686: adds IntegrationTestAbstract2, and extends AppManifestAbstract ...

... the latter now has a corresponding Builder and supports overrides, to allow variations of manifests to be created using either composition (the builder) or inheritance (overrides)

ISIS-1674: fixes inclusion error in docs

ISIS-1685: removes @Deprecated annotations, not allowed in apparently.

ISIS-1521: adds TODO for cgcom post release procedure

ISIS-1676: fixes up some docs for standardisation of use of framework-provided mixins

nb: changes to the mixins themselves were accidentally included in an ISIS-1674 commit.

ISIS-1521: fixes bad links

ISIS-1674: comments out download link for helloworld (reinstate once 1.15.0 is released)

ISIS-1685: adds missing for applib

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ISIS-1674: adds some missing images for new helloworld archetype docs

ISIS-1521: fixes up some bad bookmarks in the asciidoc

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