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ISIS-839: bump up non-released poms to 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT

... namely scimpi, maven plugin, and also the submodules of the example apps.

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ISIS-825, ISIS-544: fix for auto-focus of BigDecimal, also for date fields.

ISIS-825, ISIS-544: fix for auto-focus of BigDecimal, also for date fields.

ISIS-839: adding IntelliJ launch configurations to example apps

ISIS-839: updating example app .launch files and out-of-date welcome.html and the about/index.html files.

Also new script.

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ISIS-839: updating simpleapp and todoapp example apps to reference 1.6.0 (instead of -SNAPSHOT)

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ISIS-839: further fix for Vfs discovery of @DomainService classes

(get rid of noisy/harmless exception stack trace).

ISIS-839: updating simpleapp order of @DomainService's

so that "Simple Objects" comes before "Prototyping" in menu.

ISIS-839: updates to simpleapp and todoapp examples for services:

* include isis-module-background as maven dependency (commented out as per others for simpleapp, included for todoapp)

* remove registration of BackgroundServiceDefault in, since now a @DomainService

* remove registration of AuditingServiceJdo, CommandServiceJdo, PublishingServiceJdo since now all @DomainService.

ISIS-839: audit, command and publish services all @DomainService ...

... since now in own modules; can use inclusion on classpath as indicator as to whether to register or not.

ISIS-839: fix Reflections discovery of @DomainService for jetty-console, remove "harmless" stack traces when running in jetty:run.

ISIS-839: core, updates to comments only for isis-module-background

ISIS-839: core updates, moving BackgroundServiceDefault from isis-core-runtime to isis-module-background

ISIS-839: updating STATUS for 1.6.0 release

ISIS-839: fixing RAT errors for Wicket viewer.

ISIS-839: updating pom.xml for Wicket viewer to reference non-SNAPSHOT parents.

ISIS-839: fixing RAT errors (missing license headers).

ISIS-825: fix autofocus

... for non-datepickers, at least. See also ISIS-544.

In addition:

- renames for the simpleapp/todoapp example apps (the pom.xml name attribute in each Maven module).

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ISIS-801: only contribute properties/collections for actions with safe semantics.

ISIS-796: fixing lifecycle callbacks...

... fire from JDO Objectstore only.

... also LoadingCallback can never be fired, so deprecated and raised ISIS-841 to have it deleted in future.

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ISIS-839: renaming archetype directories.

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ISIS-840: fix perm group stuff for IsisPermission

Also (commented out) updates to the todoapp example.

ISIS-574: bumping to Shiro v1.2.3.

ISIS-839: renaming examples and archetypes

* quickstart_wicket_restful_jdo -> todoapp

* simple_wicket_restful_jdo -> simpleapp

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ISIS-839: tidying up poms

* introducing properties for all 3rd party versions (in dependencyManagement section)

* moving core modules together (in dependencyManagement section)

ISIS-797: only perform URL decoding for query strings, not for input stream bodies.

In addition:

- moved the RO TCK test module under TCK (since now part of core)

- extra actions for the various TCK *ValuedEntity for the various datatypes

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ISIS-838: simpler API for AbstractIsisSessionTemplate.

ISIS-837: remove guard which prevents flushing of properties that have NotPersistedFacet.class

(eg annotated with javax.jdo.annotations.NotPersistent)

ISIS-835: fixed NPE, drop down for strings now ok for actions...

... though still has an issue as a property (new value is just ignored).

ISIS-831: AbstractInteractionEvent now has a userData hash

... to allow phases to pass information between each other, without coupling the publisher as to how its subscribers might want to interact.