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ISIS-1213: hide, disable, choices, default and validity supporting methods now working for mixin actions and for associations

ISIS-1213: mix-ins for associations.

ISIS-1213: renamed metamodel classes ("...Impl" to "...Default"); derive name of ObjectActionMixedIn from mixin type (if "_"); simplified logic of #getParameters; also...


- ObjectActionImpl to ObjectActionDefault

- OneToOneAssociationImpl to OneToOneAssociationDefault

- OneToManyAssociationImpl to OneToManyAssociationDefault

- OneToOneActionParameterImpl to OneToOneActionParameterDefault


- reduced number of methods subclassed under ObjectMemberAbstract by introducing overridable getFacetHolder()

- OneToOneAssociationContributee

- OneToManyAssociationContributee

- similarly for ObjectActionParameterAbstract

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ISIS-1194: converting regions to use IntelliJ-style. Removing one or two unused instance vars.

ISIS-1194: removed the reset of the ObjectActionParameterParseable stuff, plus unused subclasses.

ISIS-1194: removing unused methods from ObjectActionParameter and implementataions.

ISIS-1194: move common behaviour between ObjectActionParameterParseable and OnetoOneActionParameterImpl to ObjectActionParameterAbstract. Also...

... delete ObjectActionParameterAbstract#set since doesn't seem to be called anywhere.

... (possibly through a long-standing bug), the doCoerceProposedValue of ObjectActionParameterParseable is never called... so delete it.

ISIS-1194: deleting Specification#getInstance() and implementations - never used.

ISIS-1194: deleting ParseableEntryFeature interface and related classes/modified implementors.

ISIS-1213: add in parameters for mix-in actions.

ISIS-1213: @Mixin annotation, @DomainObject(nature=MIXIN), facet factories, implementation of ObjectActionMixin.

still testing. still need to do ObjectAssociationMixin. still need to document

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ISIS-1007: Do not defer the loading of bootstrap.js because Bootstrap plugins depend on it

Looks like a bug in Wicket-Bootstrap

ISIS-1195: recreating simpleapp archetype

ISIS-1211: no-arg versions of domain events, to reduce boilerplate.

ISIS-273: support projectlombok, such that @Property etc can be added to fields rather than getters of methods.

ISIS-1195: fixing an issue with the script to recreate archetypes.

ISIS-1195: recreating simpleapp archetype

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ISIS-1195: fixing typo in simpleapp.

ISIS-1208: moved the binding of AppManifest to IsisInjectModule, rather than duplicate in IsisWicketModule and IsisWebAppBootstrapper.

ISIS-1208: as a quick fix, just add the default binding into the IsisWebAppBootstrapper (as used by RO viewer without Wicket viewer) as well.

could perhaps refactor later to consolidate...

ISIS-1195: another dummy commit, one more time

ISIS-1195: another dummy commit

ISIS-1195: dummy commit

ISIS-867, ISIS-1207: TimestampService implementation plus documentation. Also extend support for concurrency checking to use timestamps.

ISIS-1007: updates to docs

ISIS-1195: adding some missing documentation, improving javadoc.

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ISIS-1007: disabling the link confirmation behaviour, for martin-g to look at.

ISIS-1007: extending for no-arg links. NB: however, this is currently broken, have asked martin-g to help out.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ISIS-1007-are-you-sure-semantics'

ISIS-1205: add in version number to asciidoc.