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ISIS-720: mothballing scimpi

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ISIS-1108: adding NPE guard to allow for the usage of ExceptionRecognizerComposite whereby it is simply instantiated and used as a wrapper around other instances of ExceptionRecognizer that have already been injected into.

This is done in several places in the Wicket viewer: EntityPropertiesForm, ActionPanel, WebRequestCycleForIsis

ISIS-1120 Hide the colon separating icon and title in modal window when there is no icon

ExceptionRecognizerComposite: NPE if container is null

I have implemented ApplicationTenancy.

When directly introducing the URL of an entity whose access is forbidden for me (i.e., http://localhost:8080/entity/KIT_:L_2) throws a NullPointerException.

Perhaps the root cause is different.

But simply by evaluating if is null, it properly shows the error message ("Not authorized or no such object") instead of a HTTP 500 with a NullPointerException in the log.

ISIS-1058: removing 'provided' scope for our dependency on geronimo-servlet_3.0_spec (in dependencyManagement/dependencies/dependency) ...

... so that there is no need for webapps to specify the verion themselves.

Instead the 'provided' scope is pushed down into the actual dependency usage (in dependencies/dependency).

Also, for simpleapp:

- add intellij profile so can run the app from within IntelliJ (activate using idea.version property).

ignore eclipse launch files

ISIS-1116 Use ResourceModel for labels in Wicket viewer

ISIS-1052: recreating simpleapp archetype

Merge branch 'ISIS-1113'

Merge branch 'ISIS-1045'

ISIS-1045: fix in algorithm of DomainEventHelper

ISIS-1115 Make it possible to set a custom favicon

ISIS-1052: adding spanish translations for simpleapp.

ISIS-1113: fixing javadoc.

ISIS-1114 Allow to use EmailVerificationUrlService for custom pages too

ISIS-1113: allowing vetoing subscribers to provide translatable reasons

ISIS-1045: simplifying DomainEventFacets, removing the threadlocal.

The event is reused between the EXECUTING and EXECUTED phases, but nowhere else.

Merge branch 'ISIS-1028'

ISIS-1028: fixing mvn dependency convergence issue; fixing two @PostConstruct in EventBusServiceDefault.

Merge branch 'ISIS-1028-merge' into ISIS-1028

ISIS-1028: rename EventBus to EventBusImplementation; EventBusAdapter to EventBusImplementationAbstract; also...

... select the implementation by reading from "" property (either "guava" or "axon" or a fully-qualified classname)

... improved some javadoc

ISIS-1028: simplifying some design

ISIS-1028: Merge branch 'feature/ISIS-1028' into ISIS-1028

Resolving conflicts:


IsisISIS-1111 Trying to load an entity with wrong/non-existing OID fails with NullPointerException

ISIS-1110 Check for available RequestCycle before trying to read the request locale

ISIS-1052: javadoc fixes to @Action annotation.

ISIS-1108: TranslatableException; ExceptionRecognizerAbstract checks if exception implements TranslatableException; overloads of informUser etc for DomainObjectContainer

In addition:

- RecoverableException, NonRecoverableException, ApplicationException can specify TranslatableString message in constructor

- ExceptionRecognizerTranslate JUnit rule ensures that any thrown exceptions that implement TranslatableException are exercised (calls getTranslatedMessage() on them).

- ExceptionRecognizerComposite injected services into sub recognizers

- ditto DomainObjectContainerDefault

- IntegrationTestAbstract now specifies the ExceptionRecognizerTranslate rule by default.

- TranslatableString exposes its getPattern so that TranslatableExceptions have a meaningful getMessage() if only a TranslatableString message was provided.

ISIS-1052: recreating simpleapp archetype

ISIS-1106: Provide translations for titles of services and also enum constants

In addition:

- pdated translations for simpleapp

- minor fix to DisabledFacetAbstract that was preventing wrapper factory from invoking the action that contributes as a contributed properties/collections

ISIS-1047 The focus should be on the first field of an action parameter dialog