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ISIS-832: deleting old src/site files (defunct since now using ASF CMS).

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ISIS-832: mothballing components

* component/objectstore/nosql

* component/objectstore/xml

* component/security/file

* component/progmodel/groovy

* component/viewer/dnd

* component/viewer/junit

also: moved mothballed/bdd to mothballed/component/viewer/bdd

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ISIS-832: adding prefixes for modules moved to core

eg jdo-applib renamed to objectstore-jdo-applib.

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ISIS-832: ISIS-832: moving security-shiro into core (have not changed artifact Ids)

... just moved files and consolidated the parent pom.xml's.

Have also deleted components/viewer/restfulobjects directory.

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ISIS-832: moving viewer-restfulobjects into core (have not changed artifact Ids)

... just moved files and consolidated the parent pom.xml's.

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ISIS-832: deleting components/objectstore/jdo

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ISIS-832: moving objectstore-jdo into core (have not changed artifact Ids)

... just moved files and consolidated the parent pom.xml's.

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ISIS-813: ability to mock out individual services within integration tests.

New ScenarioExecution#replaceService(T, T) method.

- supporting changes in DomainServiceProvider, ServicesInjectorSpi, ServicesInjectorDefault

- equivalent changes in DomainServiceProviderMockery

Also demonstrative example in ToDoItemIntegTest

ISIS-827, ISIS-828: WrappingObject, honour requested mode if wrap already wrapped object.

ISIS-824: removing SimpleRepository

ISIS-823: reorganize todo app tests as nested static classes.

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ISIS-821: Improve conversion from double to BigDecimal

ISIS-815,ISIS-816,ISIS-817: wicket viewer i18n


- Wicket applib

- Wicket-source plugin

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ISIS-811: fix to build archetype on JDK 8.

ISIS-812: fix for PostgreSQL blob handling (for null blobs)

(making change to archetype in line with fix to ToDoItem archetype)

ISIS-812: fix for PostgreSQL blob handling (for null blobs)

ISIS-810: removing the Wizard interface from applib and UI component.

ISIS-807: Removed wizard stuff from EntityPropertiesPanel, and entity stuff from WizardPropertiesPanel.

ISIS-807: splitting out IWizard support into separate component.

ISIS-800: improvements to the wizard

... sorted out that issue with drop-down choices not being disabled (was a bug in ValueSelect2ChoicesPanel, not in EntityPropertiesForm itself)


- extended the ToDoItemWizard to demonstrate

- refactored/improved/better documented the Wicket viewer's use of the Wicket event bus (even though it turns out that I didn't need to use it in order to fix the issue...).

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ISIS-800: wizard now implemented.

More or less there. One minor issue is that can't disable reference panels dynamically; wanted to have a ToDoItemWizard#subcategory that would show, disabled, if populated by the 'updateCategory' action.

But this is a niche use case; I think what is there is probably good enough for most.

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ISIS-800: Wizard interface, facet, todo app example

when rendering as a view model, suppress the Wizard methods as actions.

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ISIS-781: minor tidy up in quickstart app.

ISIS-781: utility class for wicket (currently unused)

ISIS-781: cosmetic refactorings/reformattings

no functional changes.

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ISIS-781: editable view models via ViewModel.Cloneable interface.

For those view models that implement Cloneable the wicket viewer is able to simulate editable objects by replacing the adapter memento held within the EntityModel with a new one created by cloning the mutated state of the initial view model.

Demonstrated using a new ToDoItemWizard in the todo (quickstart) app.

ISIS-493: @DomainService now supported for integration tests also

using withServicesIn(...) instead of withServices(...) in the (subclass of) IsisSystemForTest.Builder.

ISIS-493: completing @DomainService auto-registration

- now has menuOrder() and also repositoryFor() attributes (both optional).

- refactored the way that services from configuration are read in so that can mix-and-match services from both configuration and via annotation

- marked all the non-JDO services (that have no hard dependencies on JDO services) as being @DomainService (in core-applib, core-metamodel and core-runtime).

- updated the simple and todo apps to use this new feature.


- bumped pom.xml parent for some components

NB: no changes to integration test infrastructure... still have to register each programmatically.

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ISIS-798: fixing failing integ test in simple example

also refactoring simple example to use FixtureScripts

also minor improvements to todo example also

ISIS-792: temporarily ignoring simple example's integ tests (not sure why failing...)