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ISIS-284: moved isis-maven-plugin into core; deleted unused code; todoapp example now references the plugin in its webapp project.

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ISIS-284: various fixes and enhancements to ValidateMojo; removing builder for IsisMetaModel; also attempt to exclude dependency on old google-collections.

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ISIS-872: post-merge fixes for various pom.xml, bumping up to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT.

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ISIS-537: moving version to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT (was 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT)

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ISIS-537 Set the version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT to avoid using wrong artefacts why reworking the kitchensink app to Bootstrap basen one

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ISIS-839: bump up non-released poms to 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT

... namely scimpi, maven plugin, and also the submodules of the example apps.

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ISIS-831: more tidy-up, now passing tests.

* introduced an EXECUTING phase as well as EXECUTED.

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ISIS-792: manually bumping other components to -SNAPSHOT (post merge).


-removing objectstore/xml and objectstore/nosql from master pom's pom.xml module list

- nosql no longer compiles anymore

- xml has test failures

- removing reference to quickstart_scimpi_nosql (has dependency on nosql objectstore).

- removing reference to dnd-tck (has dependency on xml objectstore)

- removing reference to scimpi-tck (has dependency on xml objectstore)

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ISIS-695: further updates to non-released poms

to get to a clean compile.

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ISIS-695: bumping plugin versions to latest

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ISIS-437: bumping maven-plugin and prfofilestore to 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT

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ISIS-406, ISIS-416, ISIS-417: updating poms; 'select all' checkbox; disable concurrency checking; make spinning-icon configurable; remove defunct code

* updating poms to latest snapshot;

* select all on standalone tables in wicket viewer

* moved spinning-icon.gif (for veil) out into WEB-INF dir, so pluggable

* fixed some concurrency issues.

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ISIS-406: tidy-up tasks for next release

* updating dependencies to latest version

(though not cglib/asm)

* fixing resultant problem with RO applib/RestEasy/HttpClient4 usage

* now running maven-enforcer plugin everywhere on validate phase

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ISIS-319: merging back into master post release of 1.1.0 etc

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ISIS-319: release preparation tasks

* updating core and components to correct -SNAPSHOT prior to release

* updating other components references

* tidy up of examples/application

* remove onlinedemo

* split quickstart into quickstart_scimpi_nosql and quickstart_html_sql

* general tidy up/improvement of dependencyManagement, dependency sections in poms.

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ISIS-188: completed release, updated versions to next snapshot

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ISIS-188: running through release process for objectstore/jdo

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ISIS-188: renaming artifactIds, bumping version

* artifactIds now in reverse polish notation (eg isis-objectstore-jdo)

* bumped to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT (anticipating semver vote, but not dependent on it)

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ISIS-188: making all components use core as their parent

* and thus, removed isis-parent pom completely

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ISIS-188: refactoring artifactIds - examples

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