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ISIS-2340: split the smoketests module into 2 (stable + incubating)

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ISIS-2158: fixes some tests in smoketests (ldap class name changes)

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ISIS-2224: fixes ldap-test regressions

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ISIS-2218: AuthorizationManagerDefault renamed to AuthorizationManager, removes interface

In the process, moved from RuntimeServices to SecurityApi.

To do this required (re)moving te MetaModelRefiner implementation from AuthorizationManagerDefault, because that has a dependency on metamodel (and security-api does not depend on metamodel). However, since there is now only ever one implementation of AuthorizationManager, the adding of the AuthorizationFacetFactory is now simply part o fthe ProgrammingModelJava8.


- inlined MetaModelRefiner.getAll ... only used in one place.

- removes init() and shutdown() from Authorizor API, none of the implementations used them (and they can always just declare a @PostConstruct if nec).

- renames XxxAuthorizor to AuthorizerXxx and register as @Service's rather than @Beans


- renames IsisModuleSecurityRealm to IsisModuleExtSecmanShiroRealm

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ISIS-2215: removes @ComponentScan throughout core.

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ISIS-2156 allow for ShiroWebModule to be primed with a custom ini file

- also renames module 'smoketest' -> 'smoketests'

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