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ISIS-2158: intermediate commit, breaks some smoketests

- simplifies interaction between spec-loader and type-registry

- speed up 'isManagedBean' check, by no longer using reflection, when we

already can ask a fully populated hash-map

- converts DefaultedFacet to use new 'IsisConfiguration'

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ISIS-2158: further regarding terminology

- also consolidate some of the type categorization logic

- a ManagedBeanAdapter is always of BeanSort = MANAGED_BEAN, so field


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ISIS-2158 major: refactoring ProgrammingModel

- provides an API to handle facet processing order via enum


- provides an API to add multiple markers to facet- factories during

their registration with the ProgrammingModel instance

- after registration phase the ProgrammingModel instance is initialized

with an optional facet-factory filter, this allows to filter by markers


- removing the obsolete ProgrammingModelPlugin interface

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ISIS-2158: have IsisSystemEnvironment cleanup Isis' _Context

- also tries to ensure, there can be only one IsisSystemEnvironment

instance at any time

- moving IsisSystemEnvironment one up in package hierarchy

- we hook into the Spring context's life-cycle and call _Context.clear()

when Spring is about to start the @PostConstuct phase

- also fixes a concurrent testing issue

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ISIS-2158: cleanup ServiceRegistryDefault

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ISIS-2158: wrapper: extend async programming model to also match method references that don't return a value (like Runnable)

- BackgroundService seems now obsolete, need to check whether it can be


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ISIS-2158: fixes several bugs introduced with previous commit

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ISIS-2158: internal API: add shortcuts for trimmed string splitting

- also resurrecting smoketest 'SpringServiceProvisioningTest'

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ISIS-2156 allow for ShiroWebModule to be primed with a custom ini file

- also renames module 'smoketest' -> 'smoketests'

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