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ISIS-2158: class discovery: removes the need for a custom scan-filter

- @Singleton is no longer discovered!

- use @Service or @DomainService instead

- the IsisBeanScanInterceptorForSpring is now a NoOp, waiting to be


- IsisBoot installs the IsisBeanFactoryPostProcessorForSpring which is

the replacement for the filter above

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ISIS-2086: disable class-path scanning for the 'config' module

- also removes the @Configuration annotation from 'IsisConfiguration'

which is just a bean

- instead annotate 'IsisConfigModule' with @Configuration

also fixes the sample apps and smoketests that got broken with one of

the previous config related commits today

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ISIS-2086: adds and fixes smoketest for loading IsisConfiguration

- includes simplifications on how we might want to use lombok here

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ISIS-2158: fixes several bugs introduced with previous commit

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ISIS-2158: internal API: add shortcuts for trimmed string splitting

- also resurrecting smoketest 'SpringServiceProvisioningTest'

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ISIS-2158: annotate incubating smoketests and provide reasons

- such as @Incubating("does not work with surefire")

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ISIS-2158: introduces annotations @Incubating + @Smoketest

- annotations only visible to tests within the 'smoketests' module

- @Smoketest .. used on every smoketest class (allows meta annotations)

- @Incubating .. disables test-classes with surefire, but not in IDE

fixes the 'smoketests' maven build (when surefire is enabled)

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ISIS-2158: fixes to some build and test issues

- fixed for Eclipse

- still needs fixing on IntelliJ: type inference issue with


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ISIS-2062: factors out isis-security-bypass.

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ISIS-2158: show-casing the designated programming model for event publishing and listening

- smoketests: added a GenericEventPublishingTest

- handling the @Observes annotation, yet remains to be implemented

ISIS-2161: adds a new annotation: Model

- new validation: SupportingMethodValidatorRefinerFactory

- replaces validation via MethodPrefixBasedFacetFactoryAbstract

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ISIS-2161: Remove domain-object member naming restrictions

- we no longer check for previously reserved prefixes on actions (hide,

disable, ...)

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ISIS-2158: add specialized MethodFinderUtils.findMethod_returningText()

- and use it with many of the FacetFactories

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ISIS-2158: fixes MM validation on deprecated NatureOfService options

- also cleans up (de-duplicates) prefix constants

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ISIS-2158: fixes prorgammatic metamodel validation

- also extends the ValidationFailure gathering functionality to also

record the originating class/member/parameter, where the validation

failure occurred

- allows for smoketests to filter the gathered validation failures by

particular domain-object types of interest (which previously was not

possible by only relying on the failure message text)

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ISIS-2158: adds new debugging presets

- debug logging for the programming model and its refiners

- also adds stubs for metamodel validation smoketesting with good and

bad domain-objects

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ISIS-2158 provide a 'headless' configuration for 'smoketests'

- that is bootstrapping without any persistence layer

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ISIS-2128 fixes broken TimestampingService

- its now the responsibility of any persistence plugin (like JDO) to

publish (newly introduced) PreStore and PostStore events on the

framework's eventbus

- TimestampingService is now re-implemented to simply listen for

PreStore events and then act on the persistable objects that are passed

over by these events

- TimestampingService was also de-coupled from any JDO specific code,

which allowed us to move it to the 'runtime' module

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ISIS-2158: simplify application configuration

in case there are multiple configurations to pick from when

bootstrapping with Spring, picking one configuration class works just

fine if the other are not auto-discovered by Spring's package scanning;

so the solution is to move any Spring configuration beans out of the

scanned package hierarchy

this commit does this for 'smoketests' and 'simpleapp' by moving the

config beans into xxx.conf packages that are out of scanning scope

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ISIS-2158 introduces 2 prototypes sub-classing BuilderScriptAbstract

- BuilderScriptWithResult

- BuilderScriptWithoutResult

to further simplify persona declarations

see for example usage

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ISIS-2158: refining wrapper's ASYNC execution mode, adds java-doc

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ISIS-2158 implements ASYNC execution for the Wrapper

- for now we are simply utilizing the 'common' ForkJoinPool, but users

might need more control here!

- simple smoketest added to test async execution with the 'wrapper'

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ISIS-2158 minor code cleanup

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ISIS-2158 fixes transaction related smoketests

- also bumps h2/hsqldb to their latest versions

consecutive smoketest runs might run into an issue with jdo/schema

creation failing due to schema not found, but running test classes

individually does work

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ISIS-2158 refining TransactionService (API)

- executeWithinTransaction(task) now reuses any existing tx boundary

- executeWithinNewTransaction(task) forces creation of a new tx boundary

JDO does not support transaction nesting, so we reuse tx boundaries by

default. This should allow for better tx rollback support.

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ISIS-2156 hotfix: disable HttpSessions creation when basic-auth strategy

- several principal and related objects have been improved to procude

less stress on the heap

- smoketests added that also test for the absence of a HttpSession when

using basic-auth strategy against a rest endpoint

- also moves the new restclient introduced with v2 from applib to a new

extension module 'restclient'

- improvements to the restclient to also handle scalar value types

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ISIS-2156 enables smoketest for stress-testing the restful endpoint

- we now have the infrastructure to reproduce the memory leak issue

- also adds an optimization to the IsisModuleSecurityRealm, to not

authenticate a user twice per request

findings so far, PrincipalForApplicationUser indeed does not get garbage


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batch update source format:

- Add missing '@Override' annotations

- Correct indentation

- Add file header (JAutodoc)

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batch update source format: organize imports and reorder









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ISIS-2156 allow for ShiroWebModule to be primed with a custom ini file

- also renames module 'smoketest' -> 'smoketests'

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