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ISIS-2158: fixes all core tests; maven core standard build works

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ISIS-2158: wrapper: extend async programming model to also match method references that don't return a value (like Runnable)

- BackgroundService seems now obsolete, need to check whether it can be


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ISIS-2158: class discovery: removes the need for a custom scan-filter

- @Singleton is no longer discovered!

- use @Service or @DomainService instead

- the IsisBeanScanInterceptorForSpring is now a NoOp, waiting to be


- IsisBoot installs the IsisBeanFactoryPostProcessorForSpring which is

the replacement for the filter above

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ISIS-2158: introduces annotations @Incubating + @Smoketest

- annotations only visible to tests within the 'smoketests' module

- @Smoketest .. used on every smoketest class (allows meta annotations)

- @Incubating .. disables test-classes with surefire, but not in IDE

fixes the 'smoketests' maven build (when surefire is enabled)

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ISIS-2158: fixes to some build and test issues

- fixed for Eclipse

- still needs fixing on IntelliJ: type inference issue with


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ISIS-2062: factors out isis-security-bypass.

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ISIS-2158: fixes MM validation on deprecated NatureOfService options

- also cleans up (de-duplicates) prefix constants

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ISIS-2158 provide a 'headless' configuration for 'smoketests'

- that is bootstrapping without any persistence layer

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ISIS-2128 fixes broken TimestampingService

- its now the responsibility of any persistence plugin (like JDO) to

publish (newly introduced) PreStore and PostStore events on the

framework's eventbus

- TimestampingService is now re-implemented to simply listen for

PreStore events and then act on the persistable objects that are passed

over by these events

- TimestampingService was also de-coupled from any JDO specific code,

which allowed us to move it to the 'runtime' module

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ISIS-2158: simplify application configuration

in case there are multiple configurations to pick from when

bootstrapping with Spring, picking one configuration class works just

fine if the other are not auto-discovered by Spring's package scanning;

so the solution is to move any Spring configuration beans out of the

scanned package hierarchy

this commit does this for 'smoketests' and 'simpleapp' by moving the

config beans into xxx.conf packages that are out of scanning scope

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ISIS-2158 introduces 2 prototypes sub-classing BuilderScriptAbstract

- BuilderScriptWithResult

- BuilderScriptWithoutResult

to further simplify persona declarations

see for example usage

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ISIS-2158 refining TransactionService (API)

- executeWithinTransaction(task) now reuses any existing tx boundary

- executeWithinNewTransaction(task) forces creation of a new tx boundary

JDO does not support transaction nesting, so we reuse tx boundaries by

default. This should allow for better tx rollback support.

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batch update source format:

- Add missing '@Override' annotations

- Correct indentation

- Add file header (JAutodoc)

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batch update source format: organize imports and reorder









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ISIS-2156 allow for ShiroWebModule to be primed with a custom ini file

- also renames module 'smoketest' -> 'smoketests'

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