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ISIS-928: mothballing the todoapp (example app and archetype)

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ISIS-928: single <repositories> tag in the example apps' parent pom.xml. Convert tabs to spaces.

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Issue #7 - Move the <repositories> definitions to the apps themselves, not the archetypes

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ISIS-928: bumping example apps to JDK 1.7

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ISIS-872: post-merge fixes for various pom.xml, bumping up to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT.

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ISIS-537: moving version to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT (was 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT)

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ISIS-872: updates to todoapp prior to recreating archetype

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ISIS-568: reverting back to JDK 1.6.0

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ISIS-537 Set the version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT to avoid using wrong artefacts why reworking the kitchensink app to Bootstrap basen one

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ISIS-887: Removing references to isis modules from simpleapp and todoapp.

In addition:

- removed auth*_file config files

* removed ToDoItem's schedule* actions

* removed Quartz scheduler config from todoapp


* removed empty ComponentFactoryRegistrarForToDoApp

* removed empty PageClassListForToDoApp

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ISIS-851: removing isis-module-background (moved back to core-runtime), and updating simpleapp/todoapp to reference 1.6.0 modules directly.


- removed dependencyManagement declarations of the o.a.i.module:isis-module-* Maven modules in core's parent pom.xml, and as <module>s

- moved BackgroundCommandExceution out of isis-module-background and back into isis-core-runtime (so that all modules are optional)

- changed implementation of BackgroundServiceDefault so that no longer fails fast if its prereq dependencies not available (and instead fails only if used). This means that can now be automatically made available (via @DomainService) with no configuration required.

- in simpleapp & todoapp's root pom.xml now reference isis 1.6.0 core's isis-module-* directly (and by individual version).

- in simpleapp & todoapp's webapp pom.xml, remove dependency on isis-module-background since (will) no longer exist.

In addition:

- in simpleapp, deleted ComponentFactoryRegistrarForSimpleApp, since is a no-op and just adds noise.

- in simpleapp & todoapp's, removed accidental duplication of a property.

- aligned IsisConfigurationForJdoIntegTests (programmatic setup of JDO config props) with that of (file-based setup)

- bumped pom-jdo-enhance-all to 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT

- also fixes to RO TCK (change to fixture data, a bit fragile :-( it would seem...)

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ISIS-568: moving up to JDK 1.7.

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ISIS-839: bump up non-released poms to 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT

... namely scimpi, maven plugin, and also the submodules of the example apps.

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ISIS-839: updating simpleapp and todoapp example apps to reference 1.6.0 (instead of -SNAPSHOT)

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ISIS-825: fix autofocus

... for non-datepickers, at least. See also ISIS-544.

In addition:

- renames for the simpleapp/todoapp example apps (the pom.xml name attribute in each Maven module).

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ISIS-839: renaming examples and archetypes

* quickstart_wicket_restful_jdo -> todoapp

* simple_wicket_restful_jdo -> simpleapp

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