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Added back some changes removed by mistake during last merge.

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Merge branch 'DN_404'

Resolved Conflicts. All tests passing.






























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ISIS-928: mothballing the todoapp (example app and archetype)

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ISIS-970: changing 'interaction' to 'domainEvent', with...

... corresponding new XxxDomainEvent classes deprecating XxxInteractionEvent

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ISIS-928: minor improvements to example apps (mostly fixing .gitignore and .gitattributes), some other tiny corrections

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/master' into DN_404





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Reverted some unnecessary changes

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ISIS-970: moving the new ActionInvocationContext from applib.annotatoin to

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ISIS-970: refactoring the Bulk.InteractionContext and BulkInteractionContext services: no longer does former inherit from latter...

... instead these are two separate services, with BulkInteractionContext renamed to ActionInvocationContext.

Refactored ToDoItem to use ActionInvocationContext rather than Bulk.InteractionContext

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Refactored PersistenceCapable to Persistable

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ISIS-983: changing "testDB" to "neo4j_DB" throughout.

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ISIS-983: testing neo4j support for todoapp and simpleapp.


- the todoapp has been changed to use a Set (rather than SortedSet) for ToDoItem#dependencies... would seem that DataNucleus' neo4j support returns an object of the incorrect type.

- the neo4j settings in has been moved to the end (and is commented out).

- replaced tabs for spaces in pom.xml.

With these change the webapps run ok:

* edit in neo4j setting in WEB-INF/

* build using "mvn clean install -P neo4j"

* run using "mvn antrun:run -Pself-host,neo4j -o"

However, note that the integration tests were tested and do NOT pass:

- the issue for simpleapp was that looks like unique index constraints are not implemented,

- the issue for todoapp looked down to ordering of the dependencies collection.

This commit also:

- renames ToDoSystemInitializer to ToDoAppSystemInitializer (for consistency with simpleapp)

- adds a new putDataNucleusProperty in IsisConfigurationForJdoIntegTests

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ISIS-928: minor incidental changes to the todoapp (additional tests)

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ISIS-973: simplifying and refining fixture script framework.

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ISIS-964: fix for todoapp integ test (already in the archetype)

ISIS-960: handle exception for subscriber when invoked no-arg action. More robust exception handler strategy.

If a no-arg action is invoked which generates an exception in a subscriber, then the Wicket UI should detect this and re-render the original object with any messages generated.

In addition, the exception handler strategy previously would only abort the transcation if a NonRecoverableException or a RecoverableException was thrown. This is too narrow; should abort the transaction for any exception thrown

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ISIS-953: enhancements to FixtureScript.ExecutionContext


- refactoring the todoapp and simpleapp to use FixtureScripts, lookup(...), and using composite fixtures.

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ISIS-928: optimize imports for todoapp and simpleapp... don't use wildcards. This addresses the issue for Eclipse/Java 8 compiler of the type 'Optional' being ambiguous in java.util.* and org.apache.isis.applib.annotation.*

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ISIS-948, ISIS-947: refactoring event bus, removing special case handling of event bus in Isis core runtime; adding in ability to inject into request-scoped services and for request-scoped services to be event bus subscribers.

Some of the new reference counting logic has moved from EventBusDefault into EventBusService (abstract class in applib).

Also (for ISIS-947) includes enhancements to ServiceInstantiator so that can call toString(), equals() and hashCode() even if there is no session.

In addition:

- ToDoItemSubscriptions (for todoapp) moved to menu item, rather than contributed (better intent traded against slightly worse workflow during demos).

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ISIS-936: moved prod source from isis-core-objectstore-jdo-datanucleus to isis-core-runtime. moved tests to core/tck/isis-core-tck-integtests.

Have also (temporarily) skipped the tests in isis-core-tck-restfulobjects URLs have changed for objects and further refactorings anticipated...

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ISIS-928: demonstrating use of hidden() and disabled() in the todoapp.

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ISIS-872: post-merge fixes for various pom.xml, bumping up to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT.

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ISIS-537: moving version to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT (was 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT)

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ISIS-908: fixture scripts now perform additional logging of the fixture results, as well as new lookup method.

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ISIS-404: unwrap domain object in DomainObjectContainerDefault before calling down into framework to determine persistence state of the wrapping adapter.

Have chosen to implement here in the service (at the outer most layer) to minimize any risk of unforeseen consequences if did the wrapper deeper in the guts of the framework, in particular the adapter manager identity hash maps.

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ISIS-865: further fixes for 'ensureSafeSemantics'; also ensure that integration tests' command are set to be executed as "USER" (rather than "OTHER").

The further fixes for 'ensureSafeSemantics' are mostly comments; the actual fix was in the todo integration tests that were failing because of a missing call to 'nextTransaction()'. There is a bit more 'belt-n-braces' resetting to null:

- of the command's event (at xactn completion)

- of the xactn's changedProperties hash (at xactn completion)

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ISIS-865: checks if any (non-Command) objects have been dirtied in an xactn initiated by an action with safe-semantics; if so, and if "isis.persistor.ensureSafeSemantics" is "true", will abort xactn.

Whichever way setting, will log with ERROR severity.

NB: this feature requires a CommandService impl that supports the new Command2 API.

Also supported in integ tests.

The default is taken to be "false", ie only log error, don't abort xactn. This is for backward compatibility with 1.6.0 and previous versions.

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ISIS-537 Set the version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT to avoid using wrong artefacts why reworking the kitchensink app to Bootstrap basen one

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ISIS-887: Removing references to isis modules from simpleapp and todoapp.

In addition:

- removed auth*_file config files

* removed ToDoItem's schedule* actions

* removed Quartz scheduler config from todoapp


* removed empty ComponentFactoryRegistrarForToDoApp

* removed empty PageClassListForToDoApp

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ISIS-833: reverting isis-module-wrapper -> isis-core-wrapper.

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