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ISIS-848: renaming GlobSpec to AppManifest.

nb: incomplete at this point, need to handle AppManifest#getServices() ... pushing to back up work.

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ISIS-848: sorting out GlobSpecs with integration tests

- updated the simpleapp:

- bootstrapping of IntegTests (simplified)

- file

- example DomainAppGlobSpecs

- RegisterEntities checks if GlobSpec is in use, and if so then only logs as debug a message if can't find any @PersistenceCapable's in any given package (ie not an error condition)

- cleaned up IsisSystemForTest so that the components created by IsisComponentProvider are used subsequently for installing fixtures and looking up services (rather than it using its own local copy which might be invalid if a globspec was provided)

- fixes to IsisComponentProviderDefault to ensure that RegisterEntities doesn't throw exception if a globSpec was provided, also to handle fixture overrides correctly otherwise

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ISIS-848: enhancing IsisComponentProvider impls to honour GlobSpec if present.


- chaged GlobSpec API to return list of classes of fixture scripts, rather than the fixture scripts themselves.

- standardized method names of IsisComponentProvider interface ("provide..." instead of a mixture of "provide..." and "obtain...")

-moved common functionality into IsisComponentProviderAbstract, including having InstallerComponentProviderUsingInstallers eagerly evaluating

- removed superfluous constants in SystemConstants

- simplified ServicesInstaller#getServices(DeploymentType) to just #getServices(...), since the globSpec will now be the preferred way to vary runtimes

- made the ServicesInstaller impls all inherit from ServicesInstallerAbstract

- extending IsisConfigurationBuilder and InstallerLookup to allow the IsisComponentProvider to put new properties into the config

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ISIS-848: defined GlobSpec interface in applib, also started reworking simpleapp.

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