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ISIS-1538: removes defunct modules from simpleapp application

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ISIS-1538: reworks simpleapp into more modular structure; now uses mavenmixin's.

Backported from master (1.14.0 development)

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ISIS-1521: bumping versions to 1.14.0-SNAPSHOT

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ISIS-1470: updates pom.xml from 1.14.0-SNAPSHOT to 1.13.1-SNAPSHOT

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ISIS-1335: bumping simpleapp example to 1.14.0-SNAPSHOT

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ISIS-1362: updating simpleapp to use 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT; bumping assertj to 2.4.0.

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ISIS-1357: updating guava to 19.0

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ISIS-1287: tiny tweak on simpleapp isis-validate.

ISIS-1315: updating docs for swagger goal.

In addition, moved the isis maven plugin to its own reference guide, and renamed the cgcon "contributors guide" to "developers' guide" (didn't change file names or links, though).

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ISIS-1287: bumping simpleapp example application to use 1.12.0-SNAPSHOT

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ISIS-1243: fixing pom.xml for simpleapp (isis-validate and isis-swagger profiles) so that work when regenerated as an archetype.

ISIS-1237: swagger mojo, also some updates to docs and simpleapp archetype

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ISIS-1243: bumping simpleapp to use 1.11.0-SNAPSHOT

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ISIS-1195: updating release docs, version number for mvn archetype had not been bumped consistently throughout website.

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ISIS-1195: updating docs for isis-maven-plugin.

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ISIS-1194: simplfying the bootstrap and wiring of components, in particular around PersistenceSessionFactory


- IsisSessionFactory

- now passed in the ServicesInjector (rather than obtaining it from the PersistenceSessionFactory)

- initialization of FixtureClock done in IsisSessionFactory rather than PersistenceSessionFactory

- IsisSystem

- createSessionFactory(), changed the order in order to remove some bidir relationships

- in shutdownServices, avoid NPE if the serviceInitializer was never instantiated during init()

- PersistenceSessionFactory

- no longer implements MetaModelRefiner, instead moved out to separate class (PersistenceSessionFactoryMetamodelRefiner)

- this allows us to break the bidir between PersistenceSessionFactory and SpecificationLoader

- no longer requires a RuntimeContext

- no longer requires a ServicesInjector (is provided by IsisSessionFactory when #createPersistenceSession() is called to pass onto the created PersistenceSession)

- no longer implements SpecificationLoaderAware, nor requires a SpecificationLoader (is provided by IsisSessionFactory when #createPerisistenceSession is called)

- similar changes to IsisMetaModel, in its constructor an init() method, to wire up components in the correct order

- PersistenceSession

- no longer holds reference to PersistenceSessionFactory (though does only as FixturesInstallerFlag in order that PSF can continue to cache whether fixtures installed)

- is passed in the JDO PersistenceManagerFactory from Isis' PSF (rather than accessing the PSF's DataNucleusApplicationComponents, which is now wholly internal to PSF)

- is passed in the ServicesInjector directly (rather than obtain from Isis' PSF)

- RuntimeContextAbstract

- now also passed in SpecificationLoader into its constructor (required reordering of IsisSessionFactory#init to be able to do this)

- thereby remove the whole SpecificationLookupDelegator contrivance

- JavaReflectorHelper

- pass through deploymentType to ObjectReflectorDefault

- ObjectReflectorDefault

- removal of isInjectorMethodFor, instead have callers instantiate the InjectorMethodEvaluatorDefault directly

also, to make caller hierarchy more useful::

- changed ApplicationScopedComponent and SessionScopedComponent into marker interfaces

- removed Injectable, pushed injectInto(Object) into subtypes


- enhanced IsisMojoAbstract and IsisMojoValidate (maven-isis-plugin)

- to accept an appManifest in the pom.xml

- use an AppManifest rather than MetaModel to bootstrap the system and validate

- moved IsisComponentProviderDefault from core-integtest into core-runtime (renamed as ...Default2), so can be used by maven-isis-plugin


- deleted AdapterManagerDefault, no longer used

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ISIS-1195: tiny updates to simpleapp and docs

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ISIS-1052: fixing simpleapp and archetype to reference 1.10.0-SNAPSHOT, and bumping version of simpleapp itself to 1.10.0-SNAPSHOT

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ISIS-1153: migrating to DN 4.1.2.


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ISIS-789: removing _dn4 from 1.9.0_dn4-SNAPSHOT throughout

in all pom.xml files

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Merge branch 'ISIS-789'

Merging in the DN4 stuff.



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ISIS-1052: converting simpleapp to use AssertJ

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ISIS-789: updating simpleapp's pom so that datanucleus-jodatime is in classpath of enhancer

ISIS-789: minor tidy-up of the simpleapp pom.xml's

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ISIS-789: further tidy up of simpleapp's pom.xml for DN4 profile

ISIS-789: refactoring pom.xml to reduce the amount of boilerplate in domain apps for datanucleus enhancer

(put DN enhancer plugin into a profile)

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ISIS-789: reorganizing the order of plugins/pluginManagement in simpleapp pom.xml

ISIS-789: tiny improvement in simpleapp's pom.xml, to parameterize version of DN mvn plugin.

ISIS-789: removing neoapp example after all

... decided would live better in isisaddons

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ISIS-789: updates to simpleapp.

Have unstaged some hunks that are obsolete (eg i18n facet decorator)

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