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ISIS-2033: Major (interim): thrown away Installers and Guice

prepare for full provisioning utilizing CDI

this commit breaks provisioning and SudoService


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ISIS-1810: improvements for generating archetypes

for example aps

- adds gpg.plugin for generated archetype

- use title() rather than @Title as workaround for

updates scripts for generating archetypes:

- use project.version to declare submodules (in the simpleapp top-level pom)

- fix dependencyManagement.dependencies.dependency.version for submodules

- Update submodule's parent.version

- Update all module's version, unable to use

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ISIS-1916: adds missing annotation for HelloWorldObjects archetype

ISIS-1903 fixing helloworld issues (while not touching archetype!)

1) add core-plugin dependencies (DN-5, eventbus-guava, resteasy-3)

2) upgrade web-descriptor (web.xml) to version 3.1

3) let HelloWorldObjects use the new IsisJdoSupport_v3_2

4) remove configured option:

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ISIS-1743: removes some unused imports from HelloWorldObject

ISIS-1743: removes some unused imports from HelloWorldObject

ISIS-1768: removes test actions accidentally committed on the HelloWorld app

ISIS-1768: supports either xml or json formats, improved representations, and simplified implementation

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Merge branch 'master' into dev/2.0.0/ISIS-1632-meta-annotations

# Conflicts:

# core/runtime/src/main/java/org/apache/isis/core/runtime/runner/

# core/runtime/src/main/java/org/apache/isis/core/runtime/services/menubars/bootstrap3/

# core/viewer-restfulobjects-rendering/src/main/java/org/apache/isis/viewer/restfulobjects/rendering/domainobjects/

# core/viewer-wicket-ui/src/main/java/org/apache/isis/viewer/wicket/ui/components/collectioncontents/ajaxtable/

# example/application/helloworld/src/main/java/domainapp/dom/impl/

# example/application/helloworld/src/main/java/domainapp/dom/impl/

# example/application/simpleapp/module-simple/src/main/java/domainapp/modules/simple/dom/impl/

# example/application/simpleapp/module-simple/src/main/java/domainapp/modules/simple/dom/impl/

# example/application/simpleapp/module-simple/src/test/java/domainapp/modules/simple/dom/impl/

# example/application/simpleapp/pom.xml

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ISIS-1728, ISIS-1776: updates helloworld and simpleapp to use typesafe queries; removes lombok from helloworld

Also, reduces differences between helloworld and simpleapp, don't use ObjectContracts (instead ComparisonChain), don't use static constructor method.

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ISIS-1742: rolls ServiceRegistry2 up into ServiceRegistry

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ISIS-1742: deletes @RegEx annotation, in its place adds in support for @javax.validation.constraints.Pattern

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ISIS-1712: uses @RequiredArgsConstructor from lombok to remove some more boilerplate from helloworld and simpleapp

Also adds to each

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ISIS-1712: adds @DomainObjectLayout to SimpleObject so that ui events etc will fire

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ISIS-1712: adds @DomainObjectLayout to HelloWorldObject so that ui events etc will fire

ISIS-1674: updates documentation to reference helloworld archetype where necessary.

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ISIS-1674: adds helloworld app

to reduce boilerplate, also:

- AppManifestAbstract

- IsisWicketApplication#readLines(...)

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