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ISIS-2050: reworks order and depth of introspection.

Squashed from previous commits:

ISIS-2050: uses simpler overload that defaults IntrospectionState to TYPE_INTROSPECTED.

Also introduces overload for className as well as Class<?>

ISIS-2050: only contribute to entities and view models; improves MetaModel exporter

to also dump out the facets of any "discovered" domain types.

ISIS-2050: load specs only to TYPE (not MEMBERS) everywhere; only adds described as facet (derived from type) if is do-op.

ISIS-2050: fixes for unit tests and reorder introspection slightly in order to fix lockdown

ISIS-2050: adds ValueFacet for Joda LocalTime

Uses a very simple implementation, because I suspect that the other capabilities of ValueFacet simply aren't needed anymore...


- removes contributingDomainServiceTypes from AppManifest.Registry once more ... will just eagerly introspect type and members for all domain services

- fixes introspectUpTo algorithm

- skip type hierarchy traversal for domain services with natureOfService=DOMAIN

- improves/reduces logging

- lazily introspect up to type and members whenever any of the members (properties/collections/actions) are referenced of an ObjectSpecAbstract

ISIS-2050: introduces config property to enable/disable full introspection of metamodel

If disabled, then metamodel validation is skipped

ISIS-2050: moves introspectObjectSpecId() so called directly from constructor of ObjectSpec.

ISIS-2050: postProcessor now called by ObjectSpecAbstract after fully introspected, rather than by SpecificationLoader

ISIS-2050: passes PostProcessor into ObjectSpecificationAbstract's constructor

ISIS-2050: scales back the depth of introspection when introspecting members

- only need to introspect the type for parameters and return types.

ISIS-2050: removes SpecificationLoader#state; now responsibility of each ObjectSpecification to keep track of its own introspectionState.

ISIS-2050: eagerly introspects contributing specs, lazily introspecs the remainder.

ISIS-2050: updates AppManifest.Registry to also hold all contributingDomainServiceTypes

This is so that we can eagerly build the ObjectSpecs for these types and mixins, but leave everything else to be built lazily.

ISIS-2050: when traversing type hierarchy, now only introspect super types up to the TYPE, not their MEMBERs as well.

ISIS-2050: renames two of the IntrospectionStates

ISIS-2050: pulls upTo introspectionState into a parameter for all of SpecificationLoaders methods

... so that the caller can decide the level of introspection that needs to be performed.

ISIS-2050: extends IntrospectionState with additional states for type vs member introspection; inlining methods to simplify

... with the aim of exposing the IntrospectionState upTo so can pass through and honour the phases.

Removed the guards in introspectTypeHierarchy, don't think they are needed any more since only ever called from its caller which checks the introspectionState anyway

ISIS-2050: breaks out introspectTypeHierarchyAndMembers into two.

ISIS-2050: replaces IntrospectionStrategy with the concept of introspecting "up to" a certain state.

ISIS-2050: refactors responsibilities of SpecLoader vs ObjectSpec

just the management of introspectionState on ObjectSpec

ISIS-2050: introduces ObjectSpecIdFacetFactory

and additional process(ProcessObjectSpecIdContext) for FacetProcessor

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ISIS-2025: further checks for wrapTry

ISIS-2025: adds wrapTry for WrapperFactory

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ISIS-1988: Move isis-core-wrapper into isis-core-runtime.


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ISIS-1976: removes OA map, stream for metamodel, excising guava

Key achievements:

Metamodel: almost all guava Function and Predicate idioms removed

Metamodel: slight API improvements, such that some of the internal meta-data that is kept in Java

Collections is no longer copied into immutable lists for any calling client, instead Java Streams are returned (which treat the underlying collections un-modifiable by design)

the ObjectAdapter per-session map/cache is history

the legacy modules have been removed, for convenince and ease of migration the legacy/transition-1-2- module remains and shall provide legacy glue code

shiro was moved to plugins, and its artifact renamed, to be inline with the other plugins

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ISIS-1841 automated source cleanup

Add missing '@Override' annotations

Remove trailing white spaces on all lines

Correct indentation

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ISIS-1949: Aligning Internal API package names with new home 'commons'

... org.apache.isis.commons.internal.*


  1. … 301 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1949: project agnostic naming for plugin java packages ...

... org.apache.isis.core.plugins.*


  1. … 33 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1949: refining ProxyFactory API, also adding java-doc


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ISIS-1949: move objenesis dependencies


  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1949: cleanup plugin dependencies


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ISIS-1948: reverts introduction of _Proxies

instead introduces plugin API (runtime): ProxyFactoryPlugin


  1. … 14 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1948: switch to internal API (only stubs yet)


  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1948: Adds unit test for ProxyCreator


ISIS-1893 fixes wrapper test dependencies and tests

  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1841 remove dependency on DN for module 'wrapper'

replaced by plugin

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1870: fixes wrapper factory tests

ISIS-1742: deletes WrapperObject, use WrappingObject instead (wrapper factory service); also (unused) Snapshot marker interface

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ISIS-1742: globally replaces imports on applib.filter.Predicate for guava's equiv, deletes applib.filter.Predicate

  1. … 31 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1742: renames applib.filter.Filter to applib.filter.Predicate, same as guava's similar class.

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ISIS-1742: moves to

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ISIS-1742: deletes AbstractService, AbstractViewModel, AbstractContainedObject, AbstractDomainObject, AbstractFactoryAndRepository, AbstractHomePageDashboardService. Also deletes allInstances/allMatches/firstMatch/uniqueMatch from DomainObjectContainer.

In so doing, allows us to remove QueryFindByPattern and QueryFindByTitle and corresponding PersistenceQuery... and to simplify those hierarchies.

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ISIS-1742: deletes When enum from @Hidden, @Disabled, @Immutable

  1. … 74 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1742: delets @Named annotation and corresponding facets and facet factories.

Also updates .adocs.

Also adds in todo list of deprecations to work through.

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ISIS-1592: extends ixn.xsd and cmd.xsd

to include logicalMemberIdentifier.


- extended OTOA and OTMA so have getOnType, same as ObjectAction. Required in order to be able to obtain the objectSpec in order to populate the new logicalMemberIdentifier field

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ISIS-1393: removes MessageServiceInternal as an internal API, and instead has two implementations of MessageService (a noop one, and a default one)

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