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ISIS-538: create placeholders dependent on RenderingHint

if 'COMPACT' mode (ie in a table) then don't bother to create the full regular widgets, because they will never be rendered. And vice versa

ISIS-962: fixes up DOCTYPE and html definitions for Wicket

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ISIS-2001: blob/clob properties now visible once more even if not editable.

ISIS-2001: pushes logic from ScalarPanelAbstract2 into ScalarModel

- specifically, whether the panel has inline edits, and so will need to be in "view mode" rather than "disabled".

This allows us to remove the special case hacks of checking for the disabledReason of either "Always disabled" or "Immutable".

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ISIS-2001: horrible work-around to allow 'edit in place' for classes annotated at editing=DISABLED at the class level.

ISIS-2112: remove @Any qualifiers at injection points


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ISIS-2115: avoids js error by setOutputMarkupPlaceholderTag on component.

ISIS-2112: backporting from '2033-IoC_Spring' branch


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merge 'master' -> 'v2'

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ISIS-2001: wip, add support for disable/hide for string and boolean types.

Still some issues, though:

- we don't render any of the params as disabled by default. the initial logic to hide params is in ActionParametersForm, so could add 'disable' logic in there.

- however, also, really that logic should probably move to ScalarModel (currently whetherHidden/Disabled for params always returns false/null, which is now a lie - should push this logic further back).


- couldn't get disablement working for blob panels, so that is not yet supported (multipart exceptions)

- ? get (ignored) exception if hit Esc (rather than Cancel button)

ISIS-2001: adds 'title' attribute if disabled

for parameters.

Also adds support for Blob panel (as well as text previously; still

need to check others).

However, exception if hit 'cancel' on a blob panel

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merging 'master' into 'v2'

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ISIS-2107: fixes unit test

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ISIS-2107: makes reference choices more flexible by allowing it to handle enums that are implementing an interface

ISIS-2107: reformat is all

merge 'master' into 'v2'

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ISIS-1999: removes AssociationGroup

since unused

ISIS-1999: allows mixins to be view models, renders their properties and collections via grid.

Also adds a new AssociationGroup panel, similar to PropertiesGroup,

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ISIS-2106: increases width of sidebar to 25% (from 20%)

ISIS-2106: adds CSS for sidebar.

adds margin/padding to the bottom to allow for the fixed footer

ISIS-2001: fixes tiny CSS issue

ISIS-2001: simplifies enum that describes whether repaint is necessary

ISIS-2001: always recalculates pending, even if changed visibility/usability

ISIS-2001: adds first cut on disabling params

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ISIS-2001: now only repaints entire param form if required.

Rather than return a boolean indicating we require repaint, we return a value of an enum that indicates what exactly changed.

ISIS-2001: now hides actoin parameters dynamically

... somewhat against expectations. Don't knock it.

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ISIS-2001: removes duplication between ScalarPanelAbstract2 and ScalarModel

... pushes responsibility down to ScalarModel (which in turn now delegates to ObjectAdapterMemento)

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ISIS-2001: caters for dependent defaults returning collection, also makes logic for recomputing default more sophisticated...

... based on *which* previous parameter actually changed.

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ISIS-2001: generalizes the wicket viewer to support "dependent defaults"

Also, the Wicket viewer will automatically check that defaults are compatible with choices available for the argument (if any) and reset if required.

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ISIS-2033: adding spring-jpa and jdo-native demo tests


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