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ISIS-2062: ISIS-2062: moves viewer-wicket-* into own subdir

this is so will be able to move the ug-vro docs closer.

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ISIS-962: fixes up DOCTYPE and html definitions for Wicket

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ISIS-1603: reference panel and value choices now have the iniine prompt link and inline prompt form, getting there...

need to:

- fix visiblity for value and reference panel

- fix callbacks for reference panel

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ISIS-1603: further rationalization of subclasses of ScalarPanelAbstract.


- move the responsibility for adding components for regular/compact to the owning scalarTypeContainer into ScalarPanelAbstract

- remove special casing of adding CSS class to scalarTypeContainer's div

- simplify the signature of mandatory hook method that supports the above

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ISIS-1603: makes the subclasses of ScalarPanelAbstract a little more consistent with each other

specifically, all now have scalarTypeContainer as the outermost

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ISIS-785: fixes conflicts for merging maint-1.13.3 (Wicket 6.x) into master (Wicket 7.x)

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ISIS-785: tidies up code, removes differences in method names, factors out the ChoiceProviders out of ReferencePanel and ValueChoicesSelect2Panel.

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