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ISIS-2062: ISIS-2062: moves viewer-restfulobjects-* into own subdir

this is so will be able to move the ug-vro docs closer.

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ISIS-2112: backporting from '2033-IoC_Spring' branch


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ISIS-2033: automated 'organize imports' on 'runtime' and 'viewers'


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ISIS-2033: refactoring

reduce scope of some OidUtils (make package private)


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ISIS-2033: Major: MetaModel refactoring

removing instances of 'ServicesInjector' being passed around in


removing 'ServicesInjectorAware' interface


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ISIS-1976: rename ObjectAdapter.getObject() -> getPojo()


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ISIS-1976: let package o.a.i.c.metamodel.adapter.oid only expose interfaces


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ISIS-1976: Make OidMarshaller an interface, then split into 2 interfaces

... Oid.Marshaller and Oid.Unmarshaller


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ISIS-1976: refactors RootOid constructors into factory class


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ISIS-1976: removes OA map, stream for metamodel, excising guava

Key achievements:

Metamodel: almost all guava Function and Predicate idioms removed

Metamodel: slight API improvements, such that some of the internal meta-data that is kept in Java

Collections is no longer copied into immutable lists for any calling client, instead Java Streams are returned (which treat the underlying collections un-modifiable by design)

the ObjectAdapter per-session map/cache is history

the legacy modules have been removed, for convenince and ease of migration the legacy/transition-1-2- module remains and shall provide legacy glue code

shiro was moved to plugins, and its artifact renamed, to be inline with the other plugins

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ISIS-1841 automated source cleanup

Add missing '@Override' annotations

Remove trailing white spaces on all lines

Correct indentation

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ISIS-1427: renamed IsisSystem to IsisSessionFactoryBuilder; bind IsisSessionFactory to http servlet context rather than IsisSystem (also do this in IsisWicketApplication); make OidMarshaller a singleton; remove convenience accessors from ServicesInjector; bind DeploymentCategory as a "service" (bean) in ServicesInjector; similarly refactor to remove AuthenticationSessionProvider service; MSG_ constants now listed in MessageRegistry

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ISIS-1291: removed InstallerLookupAware and other unused code, simplified InstallerLookup and removed


- AboutIsis, ComponentDetails, IsisInstallerRegistry, InstallerVersion, OptionHandlerDiagnostics, OptionHandlerVersion


- renamed PersistenceSessionInternal back to PersistenceSession, to avoid unnecessary breakage (this class isn't an internal domain service, anyway)

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ISIS-1409: internal components of RuntimeContext subclasses are now internal domain services; RuntimeContext hierarchy collapsed into a single class.

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ISIS-1194: using PersistenceSession rather than AdapterManager interface where possible;


- adapterFor(RootOid) and adapterFor(RootOid, ConcurrencyChecking) from AdapterManager; always call PersistenceSession instead

- remove remapRecreatedojo, remapAsPersistent from AdapterManagerDefault, as are now never called

- simplified OidUtils (part of RO rendering), moving logic into PersistenceSession as new "adapterForAny(RootOid)" method

- in PersistenceSession:

- inlined getOidAdapterMap() and getPojoAdapterMap();

- marked methods private where possible


- added RendererContext5 to expose the SpecificationLoader (though in the end, not actually required)

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ISIS-1194: removing getAdapterFor() from PersistenceSession (can return itself instead)


- in RuntimeContextForSession, the allMatchingQuery and firstMatchingQuery call the corresponding methods within PersistenceSession

- lexically moved findInstancesInTransaction within PersistenceSession, and made rivate

- lexically moved addCreateObjectCommand within PersistenceSession

- new getAggregateRoot(ParentCollectionOid), pulling together a sequence of calls made by PojoAdapter#getAggregateRoot

- more on the removable of Resettable interface

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ISIS-1194: renaming PersistenceSession#loadObject to #loadObjectInTransaction

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ISIS-1194: simplified the Oid hierarchy to just two : RootOid and ParentedCollectionOid

* RootOid is the rename of RootOidDefault, and incorporates the original RootOid interface and the TypedOid interface. (TypedOid previously was also a supertype of AggregatedOid, but this was removed in a previous commit).

* ParentedCollectionOid is the rename of CollectionOid, and incorporates the original ParentOid supertype interface. (ParentOid previously was also a supertype of AggregatedOid, but this was removed in a previous commit).

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ISIS-970: unit tests for @DomainObject, @ViewModel; also @DomainObjectLayout and @ViewModelLayout


* compatibility semantics for various ways of indicating view model;

* rename RecreatableObjectFacet back to ViewModelFacet to avoid unnecessary breakage in isis-module-excel

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ISIS-970: working on ViewModelFacet, renamed to RecreatableObjectFacet (to support the generalization of this concept for domain objects with nature=EXTERNAL_ENTITY etc)


- renamed ViewModelFacet to RecreatableObjectFacet, along with immediate subclasses

- introduced new RecreatableDomainObject interface in applib, equivalent to the ViewModel interface

- unified the two ViewModelXxxFacetFactory into one for two styles of facets for @ViewModel and ViewModel iface, extended to create facet for RecreatableDomainObject iface (called RecreatableObjectFacetFactory)

- added metamodel validator logic in RecreatableObjectFacetFactory such that cannot have two contradictory implementations of the RecreatableObjectFacet installed on an object spec

- update DomainObjectAnnotationFacetFactory to handle nature


- added the @ViewModelLayout as a clone of @DomainObjectLayout

- extended the Nature enum to include "NOT_SPECIFIED" and "INMEMORY_ENTITY"

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ISIS-917: further refactorings to simplify the API of the (newly rechristened) RepresentationService.

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ISIS-899: fixing how to recreate the oid for view models (an obvious error in previous implementation); seems to be sufficient to address

ISIS-832: adding prefixes for modules moved to core

eg jdo-applib renamed to objectstore-jdo-applib.

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