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ISIS-2259: moves security modules up a level, renames isis-security-api to isis-core-security

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ISIS-2259: moves package to runtimeservices (to align packages with artifactId, avoid split packages).

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ISIS-2158: fix WebModules getting discovered by CDI

WebModules are managed by Isis and should not be discovered by any


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ISIS-2062: removes _attributes.adoc, workaround no longer required.

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ISIS-2259: removes _attributes.adoc workaround

no longer required with AsciiDoc 0.30.28 plugin for IntelliJ

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ISIS-2158: reordering injection points to the top of the class

and making these private when possible

also fixing lots of unused field compiler warnings

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ISIS-2158: auto organize imports

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ISIS-2243: uses resteasy-spring-boot-starter to configure


- includes fix for ISIS-2240 (dependency injection into servlets and filters);

- incorporates ISIS-2238 (move IsisModuleRestfulObjects to the jaxrs-resteasy4 module)


- adds dependency, upgrades to 4.4.1-Final

- introduces RestEasyConfiguration for the "resteasy.servlet.mapping.prefix" and related configs

- annotates the resources, providers etc. so managed as string beans

- removes RestfulObjectsApplication completely, is automatically created if missing

- nb:when existed, got duplicate definition in the Spring ApplicationContext, so this is a bit of a workaround

- introduces WebModuleAbstract for the injection str

also includes ISIS-2238.

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ISIS-2240: uses WebModule to inject into all servlets, filters etc.

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ISIS-2237: simplifies WebModule implementations

*assume isApplicable is true unless otherwise specified

* don't use loadClass to check for class presence if is known to be there via 'compile' dependency

* use name field rather than override getName

* calculate path in constructor if possible, reduce duplication

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ISIS-2236: adds Cors WebModule.

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ISIS-2177: fix some trivial compiler warnings

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ISIS-2177: remove ApplicationScopedComponent

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ISIS-2218: AuthorizationManagerDefault renamed to AuthorizationManager, removes interface

In the process, moved from RuntimeServices to SecurityApi.

To do this required (re)moving te MetaModelRefiner implementation from AuthorizationManagerDefault, because that has a dependency on metamodel (and security-api does not depend on metamodel). However, since there is now only ever one implementation of AuthorizationManager, the adding of the AuthorizationFacetFactory is now simply part o fthe ProgrammingModelJava8.


- inlined MetaModelRefiner.getAll ... only used in one place.

- removes init() and shutdown() from Authorizor API, none of the implementations used them (and they can always just declare a @PostConstruct if nec).

- renames XxxAuthorizor to AuthorizerXxx and register as @Service's rather than @Beans


- renames IsisModuleSecurityRealm to IsisModuleExtSecmanShiroRealm

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ISIS-2218: renames AuthenticationManagerDefault (class) to AuthenticationManager

Latter was previously an interface.


- KeycloakAuthenticator renamed as AuthenticatorKeycloak, declared as @Service rather than @Bean

- ditto for shiro

- constructor injection for AuthenticationManager

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ISIS-2216: adds @Qualifier to all services.

Also renames some services:

- AuditingServiceInternal (to AuditerDispatchService)

- PublishingServiceInternal (to PublisherDispatchService)

- AuthenticationManagerStandard (to AuthenticationManagerDefault)

- AuthorizationManagerStandard (to AuthorizationManagerDefault)

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ISIS-2216: adds @Ordered and @Primary

  1. … 101 more files in changeset.
ISIS-2216: removes unnecessary @Import for IsisModuleSecurity{Shiro/Keycloak}

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ISIS-2215: simplifies SimpleSession constructors.

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ISIS-2215: removes @ComponentScan throughout core.

  1. … 79 more files in changeset.
ISIS-2215: adds missing modules, move some classes around

and started to enumerate @Components for some (applib, metamodel) ... ie to remove @ComponentScan

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ISIS-2213: reorgs classes in keycloak module

ISIS-2213: moves to

  1. … 151 more files in changeset.
ISIS-2094: removes 2 unnecessary supplemental-models.xml files

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ISIS-2062: removes empty doc directories

let's just have directories that have content.

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ISIS-1297: KeycloakAuthenticator now correctly uses the AuthenticationSessionWormhole threadlocal

... and the thread-local in WebModuleKeycloak is now properly defunct and can be removed.

ISIS-2205: ensures all classes in runtime-web are in the org.apache.isis.webapp package.

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
ISIS-2062: reorganises security guide

... longer pages.

  1. … 50 more files in changeset.
ISIS-2062: cleans up some docs, bumps the UI bundle

  1. … 110 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1267: also adds roles for session from keycloak header

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