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ISIS-1569: renames CommandWithDtoProcessor to CommandDtoProcessor ...

... and updates docs

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ISIS-1569: adds support for @Action(commandWithDtoProcessor=...) and @Property(commandWithDtoProcessor=....)

In support, MetaModelService5 introduced, to allow the associated commandWithDtoProcessor to be obtained for a given action or property (if any).

ContentMappingServiceForCommand(s)Dto now delegate to the processor if present.

Also, extended common.xsd to support blobs and clobs.

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ISIS-1827 remove dependencies on guava in isis-core-schema

ISIS-1830 improve code readability, document the intent

ISIS-1830 remove JDK9 internal API usages of c.s.o.a.x.internal.jaxp.datatype.XMLGregorianCalendarImpl

ISIS-1569: removes unused and accidentally committed element in cmd-1.4.xsd

ISIS-1569: updates to XSDs, make sure the version defaultsb are correct.

ISIS-1569: adds timings to CommandsDto, so less verbose and easier to read XML

ISIS-1569: extends cmd and ixn schemas to allow userData to be specified, and moves the new CommandsDto into the new version of cmd.xsd also.

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ISIS-1569: extends cmd-1.3.xsd to introduce a new CommandsDto (note the plural) as a sequence of CommandDto's

ISIS-1592: extends ixn.xsd and cmd.xsd

to include logicalMemberIdentifier.


- extended OTOA and OTMA so have getOnType, same as ObjectAction. Required in order to be able to obtain the objectSpec in order to populate the new logicalMemberIdentifier field

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ISIS-1605: adds JAXB adapters for JODA date/time types (and fixes a couple of the existing utility class helpers that were broken, specifically Joda{LocalDate|LocalDateTime|LocalTime}}StringAdapter

ISIS-785: extends common XSD (and therefore the other XSDs) to support action parameters that are collections.

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ISIS-1414: introduced sequence for chg.xsd so that PublishedObjects can have a sequence; promoted WithTransactionScope interface to applib; QueryResultsCache now implements this interface.

The "transactionId" is really an interaction id, and there could be multiple transactions within a single such interaction. Therefore any PublishedObjects (= set of dirtied objects within a transaction) needs to have a sequence number to distinguish from other transactions, and also from any interaction executions.

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ISIS-1414: removing 'numberOfPropertiesModified' from ixn.xsd and MetricsService; this is xactn-scoped information, not request-scoped. Also introduced WithTransactionScoped as a means to indicate which of the request-scoped members are really transaction-scoped.

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ISIS-1291: updating documentation for schemas.

Minor alterations to schemas themselves, just changing the order of members

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ISIS-1291: further documentation. Slight extension to the PublishedObjects API

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ISIS-1370: cleaning up the API to PublisherService, renaming EnlistedObjectsService to ChangedObjectsService etc.

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ISIS-1370: now supports publishing of objects.

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ISIS-1370: @Property#publishing= and also @Property#command=...

Also deprecated Command.ACTION_IDENTIFIER_FOR_EDIT, since no longer used (and removed stale code in ObjectMemberAbstract).

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ISIS-1291: simplifying OidDto, also use 'com' rather than 'common' as namespace prefix for common.xsd

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ISIS-1399: new MetricsService to capture metrics (objects loaded etc), capture within the Interaction.Execution.

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ISIS-1389: further simplifications of the DTO structure

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ISIS-1389: further minor changes for consistency.

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ISIS-1291: app now running again...

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ISIS-1389: completing up making CommandDto / InteractionDto and Interaction consistent.

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ISIS-1389: further standardization of DTOs to Interaction.

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ISIS-1389: renaming PropertyModification to PropertyEdit.

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ISIS-1397: rename ReturnDto to ValueWithTypeDto, use for new param of property modification also.

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ISIS-1397: changing cmd.xsd for props to use a paramDto instead of simple valueDto for the new value (so that it is typed). Completed BackgroundCommandExecution to support property modifications.

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