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ISIS-2112: moving 'objectstore.jdo' packages into a new module

- to separate 'core' runtime classes from 'jdo' specific ones


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ISIS-2112: remove the concept of 'Installers'

- Interface 'Installer' and implementing classes removed


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ISIS-2112: removes the AppManifest/AbstractModule subsystem

- yet needed lots of FIXME[2112] markers, to be dealt with later


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ISIS-2033: moving jdo specific classes from 'runtime' to 'jdo-common'

also removing unused classes


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ISIS-2033: automated 'organize imports' on 'runtime' and 'viewers'


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2039 redesign of config (#134)

* ISIS-2039: major refactoring

move config code into its own module

remove number of classes in metamodel, that hold a reference to

IsisConfiguration or its implementation

hide the mutable IsisConfigurationDefault


* ISIS-2039: reduce visibility of some config classes


* ISIS-2039: simplify config access


* ISIS-2039: cleaning up the component-provider mess

for web-modules: no longer negotiate by writing attributes to the

servlet-context, instead use a java class for that


* ISIS-2039: fixing some tests


* ISIS-2039: removing arguments of @PostConstruct methods


* ISIS-2039: lazy binding to config for wicket


* ISIS-2039: proposed test fix

also cleaning up verbose tests


* ISIS-2039: more test fixes


* ISIS-2039: experimenting with AppConfig managed by Guice


* ISIS-2039: solving the AppManifest lookup problem independently of the

configuration bootstrapping


* ISIS-2039: simplify helloworld


* ISIS-2039: moving type discovery to an earlier stage in bootstrapping

Integration Test Bootstrapping works.


* ISIS-2039: on web-context: move the config bootstrapping from wicket

module to the main ServletContextListener

such that the wicket module is no longer responsible for initiating the



* ISIS-2039: config bootstrapping: fixes the resource chain


* ISIS-2039: allow ServiceLoader lookup for AppConfig to fallback ...

to previous behavior, that is to lookup the AppManifest from config

property 'isis.appManifest'


* ISIS-2039: fixes concurrent modification with _Context

add a property 'isUnitTesting' to the IsisSystemEnvironment, to help

with the decision on how to bootstrap the configuration

also doing some cleaning up


* ISIS-2039: fixing junit tests ...

by having the IsisSystemEnvironment#isUnitTesting correctly setup by



* ISIS-2039: further fixing tests ...

also moving ExceptionRecognizer services that depend on the 'config'

module from 'applib' to 'runtime'


* ISIS-2039: fixing tests, that fail due to new domain object annot.



* ISIS-2039: unify config bootstrapping code for maven-plugin,

wicket-viewer and headless


* ISIS-2039: to fix prev. commit: let the maven-plugin bootstrap the

configuration properly


* ISIS-2039: fixing mm verification tests


* ISIS-2039: reinstating the ConfigurationServiceDefault

also renaming packages within the 'config' module -> 'o.a.i.config'


* ISIS-2039: removing the ConfigurationService interface

use the singleton IsisConfiguration instead

for the UI, the ConfigurationServiceMenu was renamed to

ConfigurationMenu which uses a ConfigurationViewService for the single

purpose of displaying config values


* ISIS-2039: reorg. packages


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ISIS-1976: finally removing guava from runtime module


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ISIS-1974: needs to initialize DN eagerly, alongside SpecLoader doing its thing

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ISIS-1974: (porting from maint-1.16.2)

working towards removing SpecificationLoader

initializes the Isis metamodel and DN in parallel

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ISIS-1974: removes SpecificationLoader from RegisterEntities as not used as a property.

ISIS-1841 automated source cleanup

Add missing '@Override' annotations

Remove trailing white spaces on all lines

Correct indentation

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ISIS-1841 major refactoring: splitting out dn support into plugins

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ISIS-1841 comments: further remove visual clutter

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ISIS-1841 comments: reduce visual clutter

replace 'region .. endregion' comment markers with just headers

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ISIS-1871 minor cleanup and refactoring

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ISIS-1846_internal_utils'

# Conflicts:

# core/applib/src/main/java/org/apache/isis/applib/services/eventbus/

# core/applib/src/main/java/org/apache/isis/schema/utils/

# core/metamodel/src/main/java/org/apache/isis/core/metamodel/spec/feature/

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ISIS-1834: relaxes validation so that @PersistenceCapable can be applied to interfaces.

ISIS-1846 major refactoring: introduces _Reflect (internal API)

all reflection use-cases are now contained within internal API,

no more dependency on org.reflections apart from unittestsupport and

applib itself;

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ISIS-1427: consolidating to only necessary calls to IsisContext#getIsisSessionFactory; also fully qualify @Inject (as either javax or throughout.

The rationale is to use dependency injection where possible, and where have all code that requires components to do so through IsisContext#getIsisSessionFactory (and nowhere else).

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ISIS-1427: simplifying IsisContext and minimizing calls to it; also removed Localization (unused)

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ISIS-1407: SpecificationLoader is now a concrete class (rolled ObjectReflector up into it).

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ISIS-1407: collapsed SpecificationLoaderSpi and SpecificationLoader interfaces; removed ProgrammableReflector (finally!)

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ISIS-1245: check for non-enhanced entities during bootstrapping.

ISIS-847: confirmed that RegisterEntities is now called correctly (at least, it is when there's an AppManifest, which is "good enough").

Some minor refactorings to simplify the code.

ISIS-848: consolidated the discovery of domain services, entities and fixture scripts ...

... so that when an AppManifest is present these are eagerly discovered and are held in the (slightly hacky) AppManifest.Registry singleton.

The ServicesInstallerFromAnnotation, RegisterEntities and ClassDiscoveryServiceUsingReflections service have all been updated to look at this singleton and use if present, else the original behaviour

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ISIS-848: can now specify additional services also for AppManifest ... simpleapp and its integ tests now passing again.


- tolerate missing key in (even if isis.appManifest key is also missing).

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ISIS-848: sorting out GlobSpecs with integration tests

- updated the simpleapp:

- bootstrapping of IntegTests (simplified)

- file

- example DomainAppGlobSpecs

- RegisterEntities checks if GlobSpec is in use, and if so then only logs as debug a message if can't find any @PersistenceCapable's in any given package (ie not an error condition)

- cleaned up IsisSystemForTest so that the components created by IsisComponentProvider are used subsequently for installing fixtures and looking up services (rather than it using its own local copy which might be invalid if a globspec was provided)

- fixes to IsisComponentProviderDefault to ensure that RegisterEntities doesn't throw exception if a globSpec was provided, also to handle fixture overrides correctly otherwise

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ISIS-1182: improving error message.