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ISIS-1318: flush any pending actions to be published as the result of doing a wrapped action via the WrapperFactory.

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ISIS-1318: further fix to allow publishing of wrapped actions

previously was using the action identifier obtained from the command, however the command only ever holds the details of the outermost action.

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ISIS-1222: inject services into Command objects once created by CommandService

ISIS-830: suppress the postEvent for Command object (special case, otherwise catch-22 situation).

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ISIS-830: introduced new ObjectXxxEvent into applib, also AbstractLifecycleEvent superclass, updated PersistenceSession to call these events.


- fixed toString for AbstractDomainEvent

- factored out internal interfaces for the interactions between:

- PersistenceSession and IsisLifecycleListener2

- PersistenceSession and IsisTransactionManager

- PersistenceSession and PersistenceQueryProcessorAbstract implementations

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ISIS-1194: making the ApplicationScopedComponent, SessionScopedComponent into marker interfaces.

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ISIS-1194: moving application-scoped components to RuntimeContextAbstract superclass; IsisTransaction simplifications

- IsisConfigurationDefault now implements ConfigurationService (and using IsisConfigurationDefault concrete class rather than interface where necessary)

- RuntimeContext implementations now require a ServiceInjector, and default the deployment category and configuration; these are set up and immutable for the runtime context

- meaning that RuntimeContext no longer is ServiceInjectorAware.


- IsisTransaction passed through the PersistenceSession (rather than obtain from IsisContext)

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ISIS-1194: removing getAdapterFor() from PersistenceSession (can return itself instead)


- in RuntimeContextForSession, the allMatchingQuery and firstMatchingQuery call the corresponding methods within PersistenceSession

- lexically moved findInstancesInTransaction within PersistenceSession, and made rivate

- lexically moved addCreateObjectCommand within PersistenceSession

- new getAggregateRoot(ParentCollectionOid), pulling together a sequence of calls made by PojoAdapter#getAggregateRoot

- more on the removable of Resettable interface

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ISIS-1194: reverting the move of AdapterManager and AdapterManagerAware, as unnecessarily breaks addons (devutils)

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ISIS-1194: moving AdapterManager interface to same package as other "runtimecontext" interfaces

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ISIS-1194: reinstating deleted classes, for backward compatibility. Also removing stale javadoc references to deleted ObjectStore class.

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ISIS-1194: moved isFixturesInstalled and transaction management stuff from ObjectStore to PersistenceSession

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ISIS-1194: removing TransactionalClosureAbstract and TransactionalClosureWithReturnAbstract adapter classes, since neither do anything (just use interface directly).

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ISIS-1194: removed pre and post hooks for TransactionClosure and TransactionClosureWithReturn, since none is used.

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ISIS-1194: working towards combining ObjectStore and PersistenceSession...

... moved execute(commandList) from ObjectStore to PersistenceSession

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ISIS-1194: combined OidGenerator and IdentifierGenerator


- pass dependencies into ObjectFactory and to OidGenerator so that they don't need to use IsisContext#getXxx()

- involves passing some components through to PersistenceSession.

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ISIS-1194: removing ResolveState, derived persistence state from underlying pojo.

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ISIS-1194: removing DirtyFacet and supporting code.

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ISIS-1194: rationalizing RuntimeContext - introducing TransactionStateProvider

... cf DeploymentCategoryProvider and AuthenticationSessionProvider etc.

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ISIS-1044: adding interactionInitiatedBy as param to all interactions with metamodel members.

- renamed/repurposed InvocationInteractionMethod


- added new RendererContext4 to provide access to this info

- removed AuthenticationSession/DeploymentCategory as parameters to ObjectMember calls (since are injected)

- call with InteractionInitiatedBy.USER for Wicket UI, Restful Objects server, WrapperFactory proxy when executionMode == enforce_rules

- call with InteractionInitiatedBy.FRAMEWORK for Memento, Auditing, XmlSnapshot, Dump, DomainObjectContainer#validate(), Title context, RecreatableObjectFacet (ie view models) and WrapperFactory proxy when executionMode != enforce_rules

Still to do:

- remove the ThreadLocal accessed by ObjectAdapter.Util#isVisible()

- should inject AuthenticationSessionProvider and DeploymentCategoryProvider into all facet factories, so can then propogate into Facet impls and not have to pass in as parameters

- should write MetaModelValidator to disallow previous use of the old InteractionInvocationMethod (ProgramPersistable interface etc, ie NotPersistableFacet implementations).

- remove DeploymentCategory, AuthenticationSession from the InteractionContext class hierarchy and also ParseValueContext

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ISIS-1194: removing SaveObjectCommand since only one impl which is a no-op.

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ISIS-1157: simplified design for SAFE_AND_REQUEST_CACHEABLE.

Instead add the caching to ActionInvocationFacetForDomainEventAbstract. No need for a new facet, just use the value of ActionSemanticsFacet.


- introduce new #isSafeInNature() to the SemanticsOf enum (also the deprecated equivalent ActionSemantics enum), which incorporates both #SAFE and #SAFE_AND_REQUEST_CACHEABLE

- go through codebase and change any hardcoded comparisons with SemanticsOf.SAFE (also the deprecated equivalent ActionSemantics enum) to use SemanticsOf#isSafeInNature() instead

- whether an action is bookmarkable

- whether concurrency checking should be performed

- a couple of uses in Restful Objects

- deprecate old #isSafe() method, since is potentially confusing

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ISIS-1154: also include return type for publishing service event metadata; fix for parameter types/names (were null)

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ISIS-1154: adding parameter names/types to PublishingService's EventMetadata and also ActionDomainEvent.

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ISIS-1100: improving algorithm for preCommit capture of audit pre/post values; making the refactored algorithm for flushing persistence commands more efficient.

in addition:

- updating comments only in DataNucleusObjectStore

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ISIS-1100: improvement to algorithm for flushing transaction.

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ISIS-1065: ensure all properties are audited when object updated using edit properties form.

ISIS-1041: fix for auditing, was causing duplicate (xactn/oid/property to be logged in a single transaction.

ISIS-970: IsisTransaction should use new Command3 interface

... consistently throughout

ISIS-970: consolidating processing into DomainObjectAnnotationFacetFactory, ActionAnnotationFF, PropertyAnnotationFF, CollectionAnnotationFF


- renamed XxxInteractionFacet to XxxDomainEventFacet throughout.

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